MUSLIM SEWAGE shout, “Murderers – British troops go to Hell” at homecoming parade for returning heroes

Homecoming parade turns violent as British citizens are rightfully outraged. The police need to carry guns so they can kill these Muslim pigs.

SICK Muslim bastards bombarded British soldiers with abuse at a homecoming parade today — calling them BUTCHERS and BABY KILLERS. Violence erupted as more than 200 heroic members of the 1st Battalion The Royal Anglian Regiment marched through a town centre after returning from Afghanistan to vile taunts and jibes.

A  group who call themselves Muslims Against the Crusades — branded these brave men “the death squad” and chanted “go to hell”. About 40 members of a group called Muslims Against the Crusades emerged out of the Tube station carrying placards reading: “British soldiers are cowards”, “What are you dying for? £18K” and “Return of the Bastards”.

The chants were drowned out by a large mob on the opposite side of the street who retaliated with jeers of ‘Traitors’ to the Muslim protesters The hour-long parade had been delayed due to growing tensions between the two sides, with anti-Mac protestors singing God Save the Queen and drinkers at a nearby pub hurling frozen pork sausages at the Muslims.

Moments after the soldiers passed through tensions reached boiling point and the anti-Mac campaigners broke through the barricades, charged across the road and traded punches with the Muslim throng.

One member of the Mac group used a megaphone to shout: ‘This is a protest against parading in a Muslim area. We love death the way you love life.’  He branded British soldiers as ‘butchers’ and ‘despots’. UK DAILY MAIL