HALLELUJAH! IslamoFascists lose. Staten Island church will NOT sell property to Muslims for a mosque!

The embattled pastor of the Midland Beach church considering the sale of a former convent to the Muslim American Society has withdrawn his support, and asked Archbishop Timothy Dolan to stop the sale from going forward.

In a letter to Archbishop Dolan, St. Margaret Mary R.C. Church Pastor Rev. Keith Fennessy wrote “I have concluded that the contemplated sale would not serve the needs of the parish. As a result, as Pastor of St. Margaret Mary Parish, I wish to formally withdraw my support for the sale, and request that it not take place.”

Many members of the parish joined other community residents last week in loudly expressing disapproval of the sale at a heated public meeting that drew about 400 people. Many of them expressed distrust of Muslims and fears that the mosque would harbor terrorists. STORY HERE: building-a-mosque-in-staten-island-not-so-fast

Though Father Fennessy signed a contract last month to sell the vacant convent to theMuslim American Society for $750,000, he wrote in his letter, “I wish to formally withdraw my support for the sale and request that it not take place.”

The Muslim American Society, (that has ties to the Muslim Brotherhood terrorist group) a Washington-based nonprofit group that helps plant new mosques in communities throughout the country, planned to use the convent only on Fridays, as a prayer hall and a community center.

Ayman Hammous, president of the society’s Staten Island branch, said he was disappointed by the pastor’s change of heart. “But at this point, as far as I am concerned, we still have a deal,” he said. “We are not backing off.” (That’s what YOU think)

Mahdi Bray, the society’s national executive director, blamed the setback more on the “meddling” of what he called anti-Muslim Web sites than on opposition of the church or its members. “There is a lot of hostility being whipped up,” he said, referring to sites that have published unsubstantiated claims of the society’s ties to terrorism. (Just doin’ my job) NY TIMES H/T herr OYAL