Doesn’t this just make you want to welcome a new mosque into your neighborhood?

The Afghanistan government suspended the operations of two Christian relief organizations over suspicions that they converted Afghans to Christianity. Converting from Islam to Christianity and proselytizing are crimes (punishable by death) in Afghanistan.

An Afghan television station broadcast photographs that supposedly showed Westerners baptizing Afghans and Afghans praying at private prayer meetings. The television station, Noorin TV, mentioned the two Christian organizations in the report but later confirmed that it had no evidence linking the organizations to the baptisms or prayer meetings.

The television broadcast led to a protest by Kabul University students and has also fueled anti-Christian sentiment within the Afghan government. According to the Associated Press (AP), the deputy secretary of the Afghan Parliament has called for the execution of Afghan Christians. The AP report quotes the deputy secretary as saying, “Those Afghans that appeared on this video film should be executed in public. The house should order the attorney general and the National Department of Security to arrest these Afghans and execute them.” LINK

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