More LEGAL JIHAD from Terrorist Front Group CAIR

Groups of Muslim men travel from state to state and use public places to get down on their hands and knees and pray to Allah, chanting the same words that the 9/11 hijackers used. When police question them for suspicious activity, CAIR calls it harassment, files complaints and threatens more legal action. i.e., lawsuits.

The Greater Los Angeles Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-LA) today called the FBI’s early morning questioning of five Southern California Muslim men last week “outrageous” and is seeking answers as to why the men were questioned in the absence of any indication that they were engaged in criminal activity.

The men questioned last Thursday morning by the FBI were among seven detained for “suspicious behavior” last December by police in Henderson, Nev., after they prayed in a commercial parking lot during a stop on a road trip.


One of the men questioned by FBI agents for an hour on Thursday in his Los Angeles apartment said the agents produced a book containing information on war tactics, titled “Afghanistan.” They allegedly told the man that Henderson police officers had found and taken photos of two of these books during the December search of the men’s vehicle. FBI agents asked the individual whether he had any knowledge of the books, and reportedly told him they were there to follow up on the books.

However, the men say there were no such books in the vehicle. Also, an officer with the Henderson Police Department told CAIR-LA that the department has no information that such books were photographed or taken by officers during the December stop. [The Henderson Police Department initiated an internal investigation into the December incident in response to a misconduct complaint filed by CAIR-LA. That investigation is ongoing.]

FBI agents further questioned the young man about his trip through Henderson and about the various stops made during the trip. He was allegedly asked if he and his friends had any weapons when they went hiking. The agents also asked who led the seven men on the road trip, who of his six travel companions he would consult for religious advice and if he became religious before or after active military duty.

“It is outrageous that these young men must continue to face government scrutiny for engaging in protected First Amendment activity,” said CAIR-LA Staff Attorney and Deputy Executive Director Ameena Mirza Qazi. “They were not ‘suspicious’ when they prayed in a parking lot six months ago, and they’re not suspicious now. It’s worrisome that our intelligence resources are being expended to track down what seems to be manufactured evidence or to assume a nefarious motive for the normal American activity of a bunch of guys going on a road trip.” CAIR

Forget questionning them, the police should just send in the sanitation trucks and sweep the refuse off the streets.