What, no ‘Truth in Advertising’ laws in Great Britain?

OUTRIGHT LIES ADVERTISING CAMPAIGN launched in London to improve the image of paedophile worshippers and women abusers.

Free Thinker UK IN A bid to create a warm, cuddly, tolerant brand of Islam in the UK, and also counter negative views of Muslims in Britain, the Exploring Islam Foundation has launched a series of Inspired by Muhammad ads in London.

A spokesman for Quilliam Foundation, a counter-extremism think tank which seeks to promote a “British Islam. . .  free from the bitter politics of the Arab and Muslim world”,told London’s Independent:

This campaign is important because it can help non-Muslims to better understand the faith that inspires and guides their Muslim friends, neighbours and colleagues. This initiative also helps British Muslims reclaim the Prophet Mohamed as a time-honoured guide for peace, compassion and social justice from those who seek to twist his teachings.

According to Islamonline, a YouGov poll of 2,152 adults conducted for the foundation last month found that 58 percent associated the Religion of Peace with extremism and 50 percent associated the religion with terrorism. Only 13 percent thought Islam was based on peace and six percent associated it with justice.

Asked if Muslims had a positive impact on British society, four in 10 disagreed. The poll also found that 69 percent thought Islam encouraged the repression of women.

Said the foundation’s campaigns director Remona Aly.

We are very concerned about the way our faith is perceived by the public. We want to foster a greater understanding of what British Muslims are about and our contribution to British society.

(In that case, you should have run a campaign like this:)