PALLYWOOD* propaganda has nothing on the biased Western liberal media

Are Gaza children really behind bars and barbed wire or are these photos used to slant the story against Israel?

Images can be a powerful weapon to be deployed in the battle for public opinion and Israel is constantly a victim of photo bias. A single photo can say more than thousands of words printed in a story. Perhaps that’s why The Independent chose to include the photo below in an article addressing Israel’s offer to relax its blockade of Gaza.

After all, what could be more symbolic of suffering and mistreatment than the image of small children behind bars?

These images raise a number of questions:

To what extent do photographers “stage” their photos in order to capture images that fit a particular newsframe or agenda?

This was part of a series of photos taken from the same location on the same day by Mohammed Abed for Getty / AFP, which we were able to track down. A look at some of these paints a very different portrait of the scene.

Of course, some photos don’t fit the accepted context and may not make it into the mainstream media. If a media outlet is trying to portray starving Gazans suffering under an Israeli blockade, the following photos might present an inconvenient truth: Gaza supermarkets are overflowing with food and other consumer goods.

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