Gutsy 16-year-old Jewish student who took on the vicious pro-Palestinian mob tells the rest of the story about that day

Daniel’s own version of the events of his bold march through the anti-Israel lions’ den- and the resulting rally which he inspired. The hostile Palestinian-American bitch from the rally and a police officer add their views.

ORIGINAL VIDEO: los-angeles-one-courageous-jewish-student-stands-up-to-angry-mob-of-muslim-and-leftist-pro-palestinian-protesters

Some more info on David from the Jerusalem Post

In the face of “Allahu akbar” chants and condemnations of the State of Israel, a sole sixteen-year-old Israeli-American Jew named Daniel Pereg bravely defended his homeland on Memorial Day.

A group of Muslim and anti-Israeli protesters turned their attack directly at him, shouting “Shame on Israel.” Pereg, wearing an Israeli Defense Forces t-shirt, a mini-Israeli flag, and a white kippa, became a focus for their hatred.

“They were trying to pull my flag down, but I saw six or seven cops running over to help me so I wasn’t afraid,” Pereg told The Jerusalem Post. “The cops were scared for me, though; they kept telling me they were scared for my safety.”

“I feel that I didn’t do something super special, I just came with a flag,” Pereg said. “I couldn’t stand by and let that happen. I couldn’t just sit at home and do nothing. I had to put my voice out there and that’s what I did.”

Pereg, born in Petah Tikva, a city near Tel-Aviv, moved to American when he was two-years-old following a family tragedy.

As the flotilla aftermath continues to unfold, Pereg says that the fundamental misconception lies with people’s understanding of the Mavi Marmara shipmates.

“Those people were not humanitarians,” Pereg told reporters at the protest. “The ship was armed with knives, batons, all kinds of things to attack Israeli soldiers with,” Pereg said.

“There’s a navy blockade on Gaza. These soldiers were just doing their job. They’re not murders; they’re not bad people; they’re just Israeli soldiers trying to defend their country,” Pereg added, as someone yelled for him to get into a car and out of harm’s way. Pereg, however, did not oblige. Jerusalem Post