BOSTON Anti-Islam crusader, Charles Jacobs, is condemned by 70 liberal self-hating rabbis for criticizing MA Governor's acceptance of 'dirty' money from radical Imam

Why? Because Dr. Charles Jacobs, American Jewish leader and human rights activist, used documented facts to expose the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, an increasingly suspicious, radical-linked, Saudi-funded mega-mosque and its imam who gave the Governor a $50,000 check of dubious origins to train police in ‘Muslim cultural sensitivities.’

By Stella Paul, American Thinker

“On May 22nd, Massachusetts Governor Patrick embraced the radical leadership of the Muslim American Society (MAS), including Imam Abdullah Faarooq who told followers they must “pick up the gun and the sword” in response to the arrests of local Islamic extremist Aafia Siddiqui and terror suspect Tarek Mehanna.”

Charles Jacobs

On June 10, these seventy distinguished rabbis in Greater Boston publicly condemned and virtually excommunicated  Charles Jacobs for speaking out against the dhimmi Governor Patrick and his radical Muslim friends. Are you ready for Rabbis Gone Wild — Boston Edition? In the latest installment of this tragicomedy, the progressive Jewish leadership of Massachusetts decides to break the arrogance barrier and set new records for dangerous egomania.

In a broadside entitled “An Open Letter to the Jewish Community,” published in the Jewish Advocate, seventy rabbis signed their name to a letter demanding that “Mr. Jacobs discontinue his destructive campaign against Boston’s Muslim community, which is based on innuendo, half-truths and unproven conspiracy theories. We call upon members of our community to reject the dangerous politics of division that Mr. Jacobs fosters.”

To get the full flavor of the rabbis’ epic stupidity, let’s meet the victim of their “Jewish fatwa,” Dr. Charles Jacobs. In the late ’80s, Jacobs co-founded Boston’s branch of CAMERA, Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting in America, to expose and combat media bias against Israel. A few years later, he founded, along with Christian and Muslim Africans, the American Anti-Slavery Group. Charles Jacobs was given the Boston Freedom Award by Coretta Scott King for his work helping to emancipate enslaved black Africans in Sudan.

So let me ask you, O Great Progressive Rabbis, this is the man you want to casually destroy? While you were risking nothing more than the stampede to the canapés at some interfaith blabberfest, Charles Jacobs was flying to Sudan to redeem slaves with money he raised and bring them to freedom. While you were playing patty-cake with Jew-hating imams, Charles Jacobs was investigating the facts about their disgusting affiliations and helping moderate Muslims stand up to the radical takeover of their institutions.

Abdullah Farooq

Now let’s look at the people you do like, those spicy characters you’re staking your reputations on. They’re all linked to Boston’s mega-mosque, the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, which is run by the Muslim American Society, or as federal prosecutors like to call it, “the overt arm of the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The Islamic Society of Boston (ISB) cavalcade includes its founder, MIT graduate Abdurahman Alamoudi, currently rotting in jail on a 23-year sentence for al-Qaeda-linked terrorist pranks; the loathsome Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi, wart-faced “spiritual” leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, who’s banned from the U.S. but served as ISB Trustee; Osama Kandil, ISB Trust President, director of an Islamic charity designated as terrorist by the U.S. government; and Trustee Jamal Badawi, unindicted co-conspirator in the Holy Land Foundation terrorism financing trial who tells Boston Muslims they must live only under Sharia Law.

Does this Imam Farooq sound like the kind of fellow you want training your police force? Not unless you want police so “sensitive” they polish their badges while the next Tarek Mehana decides to give New England shoppers a side of bullets with their fries.

And that’s why Jacobs’ video criticized Governor Deval Patrick for publicly embracing Imam Farooq and accepting a $50,000 check of dubious origins from him to train police in “Muslim cultural sensitivities.”

As for all you lovely lady rabbis on the list — enjoy sermonizing in your burqa! And just hope your daughters don’t have to endure the female bris ceremony. And by the way, nowhere in your job description can I find “will work to self-righteously deliver congregants into the hands of genocidal maniacs who conspire to shoot people in shopping malls.”

And finally, here’s something you may never understand: One Charles Jacobs is worth more than seventy of you. Why? Because he fights for the truth.

The situation of Muslim American Society’s (M.A.S.) Imam Abdullah Farooq’s radicalizing Boston’s moderate Muslims is lucidly depicted in this video documentary by Americans for Peace & Tolerance, who has been a leader in exposing the crisis.