AFGHAN leaders call for arrest and execution of Muslim converts to Christianity

Qazi Nazir Ahmad, a lawmaker from Herat, said killing a converted Muslim was “not a crime” because converting from Islam to another religion is punishable by death under Afghan law.

Over 20 Afghan Christians have been detained in Afghanistan after high-level leaders called for the arrest and execution of converts to Christianity in the Islamic nation. Britain-based Christian Solidarity Worldwide said the Christians were detained since last week and added that non-Christians with ties to Westerners have also been targeted for interrogation. The names and ages of those detained were not immediately available. The reported arrests came after Abdul Sattar Khawasi, a deputy of the lower house, called for Muslim converts to Christianity to be executed.

He expressed outrage over footage from Afghan broadcaster Noorin TV showing men it said were reciting Christian prayers in Farsi and being baptized.

“Those Afghans that appeared in this video film should be executed in public, the house should order the attorney general and the NDS (intelligence agency) to arrest these Afghans and execute them,” Khawasi said.

CSW said however that Afghanistan violates the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights it ratified, which protects the individuals freedom to have or to adopt a religion or belief of his choice. Christian converts in Afghanistan have long faced “extreme obstacles and threats but recent events have brought to light the institutionalized nature of the danger,” added CSW Chief Executive, Mervyn Thomas. LINK