(UPDATED] BOMB THREAT on proposed Brooklyn mosque

Somebody needs to tell these Muslims that they aren’t dealing with the usual pansyassed liberal NY Jews in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn. These are RUSSIAN JEWS who could take on the KGB when they needed to and survive to tell about it.

SHEEPSHEAD BAY, NY – The battle over a proposed Brooklyn mosque just boiled over again. After Sheepshead Bay residents staged an angry weekend protest, Muslim leaders are demanding local and federal police probe a violent threat uttered by one of the mosque opponents.

The Brooklyn Paper published the threat from a un-named neighbor of the proposed house of worship on Voorheis Avenue.

“If they build a mosque there, I’m going to bomb the mosque. . .I will give them a lot of trouble,” the paper quoted.” They’re not going to stay here alive.”

The words drew quick condemnation from New York’s Chapter of Terrorist Front Group CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations.)

” New York City mosques and centers are a reflection of a well- integrated Muslim community,” said CAIR-NY Community Affairs Director Faiza Ali. “The silence from elected officials in the face of such outrageously racist and violent remarks is tacit approval of hatred against an entire religious minority.” (HA HA HA)

Terorist Front Group CAIR-NY, Director Zead Ramadan says he’s reached out to the FBI, NYPD, and Mayor’s Office regarding the bomb threat. WPIX has also reached out to law enforcement regarding the threat. As of the publishing of this article, PIX News wasn’t able to confirm whether investigators are seeking the person who uttered the violent warning.

For months, neighbors have loudly protested the building of an Islamic house of worship in the vacant lot at 2812 Voorhies Ave. Many neighbors say they are only opposed to added traffic and parking problems that might come with a new mosque, but at a protest over the weekend, an anti-Muslim faction of the opposition spoke loudly. WPIX

“If they build it, we will bomb.” Such comments were certainly the most violent, though intolerance was common at the rally, which was organized by the group Bay People. Political correctness was shoved aside as members of the group put out its agenda: We don’t want a mosque here.

We cannot tolerate foreign interests coming into our backyard telling us what we are going to do,” said speaker Bob Giovinazzi. “It’s hot today, but things are going to get a lot hotter for people in this illegal structure.”


One of the organizers, surname Kleinman, claimed that the mosque protest was simply about “this specific location and a specific organization [and its] impact on our quality of life.” But other organizers claimed that the mosque’s builders, the Muslim American Society, has ties to Hamas and Hezbollah. Though few actual links were revealed at the rally, that didn’t stop the venom.

“New York is not Islamabad,” screamed one protestor. Diana, a nurse who refused to give her full name, told those in attendence, “Do not forget 9-11!”

Voorhies Avenue resident Victor Benari further whipped up the audience by adding, “Each Muslim terrorist is tied to a mosque.”

He also took pot shots at Ahmed Allowey, the longtime Sheepshead Bay resident who is bringing the mosque to Voorhies Avenue, along with local politicians who have remained mum on this divisive issue. None were present to defend themselves, although Benari’s diatribe infuriated local resident Guseyn Ibragimov.

“What right do you have to deny people a place of worship?” asked Ibragimov, whose father is a Muslim. His mother is half-Jewish, half-Christian. “No one protests a church or a synagogue being built in a Muslim neighborhood.” (Nobody builds a church or synagogue in a Muslim area, you idiot. Tell me about every Muslim country where you can’t build a church or synagogue.)

Rally attendees booed Ibragimov down, ordering him to get off their street. (Gotta love these folks!)

“This isn’t right, they’re just showing their hate,” Ibragimov said as he stormed off. “They call themselves Americans, but what kind of America is this?” (It’s an America that is under attack by Muslims and we do hate you) Brooklyn Paper

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