'STAKELBECK ON TERROR' reports on HALALCO, a Washington D.C. Muslim store, selling terrorist videos that call for the killing of Americans

Also interviewed is Michigan Congressman Peter Hoekstra who says the White House is “weakening our national security and making us more vulnerable.” “The president has been undercutting the leadership in Israel” and “emboldening radical jihadists: Hezbollah, Hamas, the Palestinians.”

The “Stak Attack” commentary segment features shocking footage of a prominent Arab leader in Dearborn, Mich., referring to Hamas and Hezbollah as “freedom fighters” and denying that they are terrorist groups. This week’s “Sharia Flaw” segment exposes an upcoming radical Islamic conference being held outside Chicago. The event will be hosted by Hizb-ut-Tahrir, a terror-liked Islamic group that is banned in parts of Europe and the Middle East, but welcome right here in the United States. CBN NEWS H/T herr OYAL