How to beat your underage Muslim child bride

Marriage under the age of 16 is illegal in Afghanistan but it doesn’t stop thousands of families from selling their daughters as young as 6 or 7 to the highest bidder. It may be illegal in the country but under the laws of Islam it is perfectly acceptable.

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Bibi Aisha was sold at the age of 10 by her father to a married man, a Talib. He kept her in the stable with the animals until she was 12, when he married her. From the day that she arrived in his house, she was beaten regularly by this man and his family.

Learn  more about BiBi Aisha here: shaming-her-in-laws-cost-this-afghan-woman-her-nose-and-ears



















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  1. You tend to disagree with all those who are against your views feels like you have a set agenda against islam and muslims and anybody who would go against it would be adjudged false or wrong , i tend to agree with sunil kumar because good and bad people are everywhere at every place and in every religion so please correct yourself first and dont blame any religion on the basis of wrongdoings by few people .

  2. I am from NewDelhi India and Hindu by Religion , i tend to disagree with the owner of this blog aswell as VKG ,i have lived with muslims and studied with muslims and few muslims are very good friend of mine ,i never found them extremist and i believe that its just negative campaign against muslims ,we should allow all the different religion followers to live their life and should not use ill words against any religion without knowing anything , never in my life has any muslim given me any threat ,its just that extremist faction is present in every religion ,even in Hinduism we have extremist elements ,therefore to say that only islam has got such people is absolutely wrong , what i have observed is we tend to forget out wrong doings and point finger on others so correct yourself first and then say anything about others


    • SK, we don’t believe you. You might be from New Delhi but you are no Hindu. Every time a “Hindu” comes here and defends Islam, he turns out to be a Muslim. A real Hindu would never say that.

  3. well i always just block them… i believe that every religion has their problems , it’s just that islam has the most… i myself do not believe in any religon… christians constantly bitch at me , jews are afraid of me (i don’t know why) muslims are total perverts and always say they “love” me aka “want to fuck me into a coma” the only religious type that has ever been normal or even sweet towards me is Hindus… and people tell me it’s just because indians love foreigners… but if you look at the way indian muslims act? hell no… it has nothing to do with indians likeing foreigners… hindus are just alot nicer… maybe you should join this chat site and you could take screenshots of your conversations on it to post here… just a suggestion… the site is feel free to add me there… my username is bloodredforever the site might be a bit confusing at first…
    thanks for listening…

  4. Yes , indeed… i spend alot of time on a chatsite and there are alot of extreme perverted muslims there… a few have threatened to come to america and kill me… i am 15 and most of the muslims who try to message me are at least 30… thank the creator of the site for the block button… sadly i can not use skype anymore as many muslims have targeted me there as well…

    • VKG, please be careful, they mean what they say, though it’s not likely they will come all the way here just to harm you. Why don’t you move to a chat site that isn’t infested with Muslims?

    • Hey muslim idiot, the people who visit this blog on a regular basis, know what is going on with you low life goat fornicators … ! The other people who do not understand what you islamic maniacs are up to, are getting the information they need to understand just exactly how to stop your ass-lifting! I can’t wait till we have open season, power to the Pig!

      Pork-allah and the s t d mohammed are related to Pigs, they were the first born!

  5. tHIS IS all Bull shit and propaganda against islam , whatever is written about bibi ayesha is so untrue and nothing but baseless bullshit , extremist elements are present in all religions including christianity and selling girls is prohibited in islam wether for marriage or for any other purpose , do research first and do not bark about anything you do not know

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