INDONESIA: Muslim Police threaten to sue magazine over insulting pig on the cover

The National Police will file criminal and civil lawsuit against Tempo magazine, not for its controversial story on the fat bank accounts of high-ranking members of the force, but for the caricature on the cover of that edition depicting a police officer leading three piggy banks on a leash.

“We felt insulted by the cover, not with the report,” Brig. Gen. Zainuri Lubis, deputy spokesman for the National Police, said on Wednesday. “We will file a criminal and civil suit against Tempo magazine.” Zainuri said not only had 900,000 police officers across the country been slighted, but also their families.

“Let’s count. If each police officer has a family that consists of a wife and two children, there would be 3.6 million people who felt insulted,” he said.

National Police spokesman Insp. Gen. Edward Aritonang said Tempo’s decision to use the caricature was both unwise and unethical. “Why did they have to use pigs?” he asked. (To show the world how insane Muslims really are?)

Pork is haram (forbidden) for Muslims to eat, and the term pig is considered a strong insult to most Indonesians. The latest issue of weekly magazine features a cover article titled “ Rekening Gendut Perwira Polisi ” (“Fat Bank Accounts of Police Officers”), which looks into how a number of senior police generals have come to have millions of dollars in their private bank accounts.

Released on Monday, the magazines quickly disappeared from newsstands in the Greater Jakarta area after mysterious men reportedly bought up some 30,000 copies in a clumsy attempt to prevent its distribution.

“We will uphold the law and follow all the proper procedures,” he said. “We were not aiming to insult police officers by portraying the piggy banks.” Wahyu said the piggy banks on the cover represented the bank accounts referred to in the story. Jakarta Globe