Terrorism starts in the mosque, the mosque that is in YOUR neighborhood

“Minarets are our bayonets. The domes are our helmets. The mosques are our barracks. And the believers our Army.” –Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan

This is not the rhetoric of radical Islam. This is what is taught in the mosques that your Muslim neighbors attend. There is a growing pushback all over America against the spread of Islam via mosques, the one thing that ALL Muslim terrorists have in common. Allow enough mosques to proliferate, and we will become England, where the practice of repressive and oppressive shari’a law is allowed. Creating an Islamic state out of a democratic one is the ultimate goal of ALL Muslim believers, regardless of what they tell you. Don’t be fooled, there are no moderate Muslims. The only moderate Muslims are ex-Muslims.

H/T givethanks1314

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