Muslim parents ban children from music lessons because music is 'unIslamic'

BBC is reporting that British Muslims continue to display a “Taliban” style mentality by removing their children from school music classes as they consider Western music a tool of the devil.

But the infidelphobic Islamophobia Watch website says, “So a tiny minority of Muslim parents withdraw their children from music lessons. Is that revelation of such importance as to qualify it to be the lead item on this evening’s BBC London Tonight programme? Viewers were invited to send in their comments, which were of course uniformly negative. You can just imagine the sort of racist opinions the report must have provoked but which were not read out on air. This sort of irresponsible reporting just feeds an Islamophobic narrative that depicts Muslims as an alien presence in British society.” (If the burqa fits………)

As Music is such an essential part of English culture, perhaps these Muslim families who so despise Western values should go back to those Islamic countries from which they migrated so they can participate in an lslamic society that uses Sharia Law to impose musical apartheid.

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