FLORIDA parents outraged that schools are using textbooks with an Islam-inspired view of world history

I guess they haven’t heard that Saudi-Arabia provides funding for more than 70% of history textbooks used in American schools.

Parents of Florida high-school students are outraged because they say a world-history textbook used in many of the state’s schoolsportrays Islam and Muhammad in a favorable light. Members of the public raised concerns with Florida’s Sarasota County School Board about “World History: Patterns of Interaction,” published by Holt McDougal.

The book was approved by the Florida Department of Educationfor use in public schools and adopted by the school board for use from 2006 through the 2011-2012 school year.

The school board voted to retain the textbook for use in Sarasota County’s 10th–grade social-studies curriculum through 2012, rejecting complaints that the book should not be taught in public classrooms.

However, the complainants have been granted an appeal before the school board regarding the textbook decision to be held on July 20 at 3 p.m. Each side will be given 10 minutes to present their case and five minutes for a rebuttal.

The Sarasota chapter of ACT! for America, a citizen-action network, claims the textbook “has an anti-Western, anticapitalist, anti-Christian, anti-Jewish bias.”

“Conversely it promotes Eastern and Middle Eastern cultures, promotes Islam as a religion, promotes socialism and fails to address world history in a historically accurate manner,” the group said in a statement.

Sarasota County ACT! for America chapter leader Richard Swier, editor of RedCounty.com, says “I spoke at the school-board meeting requesting ‘World History’ be removed from the district’s approved list because it was historically untrue, academically dishonest and does not give equal treatment to all religions,” wrote Swier. “Dozens of examples of historical untruths, biases and distortions were pointed out, including: no mention of jihad as a warlike means to expand Islam; Islamic conquest as good, Christian conquest as bad; and non-Western civilizations as benign, Western civilizations as evil.”

After reading the book, Ferguson concluded that it “placed Islam in a textually superior position as fact with other religions portrayed as belief systems.” Swier has said that the textbook’s coverage of Sept. 11 is biased and that the book doesn’t even mention Muslims or jihad when discussing the attacks.

Likewise, a study titled, “Textual Supremacy in World History: Patterns of Interaction, A Case Study in Islamic Apologetics in American Public Education” was written by Terri K. Wonder, says that the textbook “is the product of a press that sacrifices intellectual integrity on the altar of a most pernicious religious apologetics. … Wonder said the book may violate the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.

As WND reported last year, experts say American students are not getting a realistic picture of radical Islam, andtextbook publishers are promoting the religion in public schools.

Gilbert T. Sewall, director of the American Textbook Council, a group that reviews history books, told Fox News the texts are sugarcoating Islamic extremism. “Key subjects like jihad, Islamic law, the status of women are whitewashed,” Sewall said.

“Many political and religious groups try to use the textbook process to their advantage, but the deficiencies in Islam-related lessons are uniquely disturbing. History textbooks present an incomplete and confected view of Islam that misrepresents its foundations and challenges to international security.” WND

Some Saudi-funded American textbooks say, ‘Muslims Discovered America.’