The OBAMA REGIME is aiding, abetting, and funding terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah

A team of senior intelligence officers at the U.S. Central Command, CENTCOM, in a five-page report entitled “Managing Hizbullah and Hamas,” calls for the integration of Hizbullah into the Lebanese army and Hamas into the Palestinian security forces led by Fatah.

It said a “Red Team” report issued on May 7, 2010, senior CENTCOM intelligence officers question the current U.S. policy of isolating and marginalizing Hizbullah and Hamas.

Instead, CENTCOM recommends a “mix of strategies” that would integrate the two groups into their respective political mainstreams. Foreign Policy said among other findings, theIt said Red Team’s conclusion, expressed in the final sentence of the executive summary, is perhaps its most controversial finding:

“The U.S. role of assistance to an integrated Lebanese defense force that includes Hizbullah; and the continued training of Palestinian security forces in a Palestinian entity that includes Hamas in its government, would be more effective than providing assistance to entities — the government of Lebanon and Fatah — that represent only a part of the Lebanese and Palestinian populace respectively.”

Red Team points out that while Hizbullah and Hamas “embrace staunch anti-Israel rejectionist policies,” they are “pragmatic and opportunistic.”

The report, the Foreign Policy said on its website, opens with a quote from former U.S. peace negotiator Aaron David Miller’s book “The Much Too
Promised Land” which notes that both Hizbullah and Hamas “have emerged as serious political players respected on the streets, in Arab capitals, and throughout the region.

Destroying them was never really an option. Ignoring them may not be either.” IMRA h/t Rosangela