Listen up, Muslims, we are not afraid of you

The citizens of the US are fed up with Muslims taking advantage of the freedoms in this country that they never would have in the hellholes they left to come here. They build mosques, many of which are breeding grounds for terrorists while flooding our justice system with legal jihad, trying to make every slight or insult a hate crime. Not to mention using our courts to inflict their religious customs on non-Muslims. They capitalize on our freedoms and political correctness to wage their hate-filled “holy war” by murdering soldiers and innocent citizens in cold blood on our own soil, all in the name of their so-called god.

Forget the politicians and media which you Muslims have bought and paid for with Saudi money. This is NOT a Muslim country and it never will be. Regular Americans are watching you and we don’t like what we see. Bloggers and alternative media have awakened the sleeping giant and you Muslims will either conform to OUR culture or you will regret it. Don’t think there could never be a second Crusades.

H/T boudicabpi