PEEK-A-BOO! Israel is watching you, Hizbullah

Hibullah gives new meaning to the term ‘human shields.’

During the Second Lebanon war, Hezbollah stored their weapons in open areas for the most part, which enabled the IDF to locate and destroy their stores. In the four years since then, Hezbollah has pursued a tactic of moving their weapons into civilian villages, essentially institutionalizing the tactic of using human shields on a large scale.

This 3D animated clip of al-Khiam, a real village in southern Lebanon, illustrates how Hizbullah uses the civilian village to store weapons, thus effectively turning it into a military base. al-Khiam is just one of over 100 villages that Hizbullah uses in this manner.

OCT. 2009 explosion at a Hizbullah weapons storehouse in Tayr Filsay village. Only after Hizbullah removed the weaponry did they allow UNIFIL and the Lebanese Army to enter the site of the explosion.

Aerial footage, taken shortly after the explosion, shows Hezbollah operatives closing down the area around the warehouse, driving in two trucks and removing weaponry from the site. They then took the weapons to a known weapons storage facility in the center of the village of Dir a-Nahar about four kilometers away. IDF

I love how the Hizbullah creeps look like little cockroaches scurrying all over the place.

Muslims using children as human shields during war.