“I  sat, as did millions of other Americans, and watched as the government  underwent a peaceful transition of power a year and a half ago.”


“At first, I felt a swell of pride and patriotism as Barack Hussein Obama took his Oath of office. “


“However,  all that pride quickly vanished as I later watched 21 Marines, in full dress uniform with rifles, fire a 21-gun Salute to the President.”


“It was then that I realized how far America’s military had deteriorated. Every one of them missed the bastard.”

(FYI to the FBI: I did not create this)


Comment from Mr. BNI, Marine Hubby: Notice the position of the Marine’s left hand. When standing at attention and saluting, the fingers of the left hand are supposed to be curled under but the thumb should be lined up with the stripe on the trousers. It appears that subconsciously this Marine is pointing a fist at the C-in-C.