Angry Muslims (are there any other kind?) protest European laws which they find anti-Islamic

Here’s an idea for you paedophile prophet worshipping Muslim garbage, “GET THE HELL OUT OF EUROPE.”

Muslims have demonstrated in Cardiff to protest against laws across Europe which they say are anti-Islam. Saturday’s protest was to highlight what they believe is an “ideological attack” on Islam.

Organiser Muhammad Abu Yaffir said: “Muslims feel very strongly about these laws being introduced across Europe”. (Who cares?)

Last year Switzerland voted to ban the building of new minarets, while France is debating a ban on the Islamic veil. Mr Yaffir said: “Wherever Muslims feel pain anywhere in the world it is our responsibility to respond to their needs. (Oh, we’d gladly put you out of your misery)

“The laws being proposed are a form of oppression and we will respond to this oppression.” (That’s rich, coming from followers of the most oppressive legal system in the world)

Last year, some 57.5% of Swiss voters voted in favour of a ban on building any new minarets in the country. The French parliament is debating plans to ban the wearing of full Islamic veils in public. The bill in front of the lower house would make it illegal to wear the niqab or burka anywhere in public.

Belgium’s lower house of parliament voted for a law that would ban women from wearing the full Islamic face veil in public earlier this year, while Barcelona is the first large Spanish city to announce a ban on the wearing of full Islamic face veils in some public spaces.

Mr Yaffir said: “This isn’t just about Muslim women being asked to cover their faces, this is an ideological attack on Islam and Muslims.” (Finally, you’re getting a clue. We hate you and all your beliefs. Now go home)

He said Belgium, France, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, Canada and the UK had all introduced or were debating the introduction of laws that were anti-Islam. (It’s about time) The protest was organised by Ummah of Muhammad, which Mr Yaffir described as “a platform to share ideas and exchange views”. “We want to use freedom of expression laws to expose double standards,” he said. (You only like freedom of expression when it benefits you. Get out before we wipe you out) BBC