SWINE INTERVENTION for proposed Ground Zero Mosque

If we can’t stop the Muslim glorification of 9/11 at Ground Zero, we can make it very uncomfortable for Muslims to go there.

A vast procession of pigs leading straight to where this Mega-Mosque is supposed to be built, so that any Muslims making a pilgrimage to this building to celebrate the murders on 9/11 will appear to join all of those giant pigs headed straight for the mosque as well.

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Currently, Muslims are attempting to build “a Mega-Mosque” near the site of the World Trade Center — to celebrate the murder of 3,000 Americans by Muslims on 9/11/01 by installing a mosque near Ground Zero as Islam’s way of claiming victory over America.  Having a mosque so near the site of Islam’s worst attack on America, where their call to prayer will echo out into the streets where thousands of people ran for their lives on the day “The Religion of Peace” decided to prove, yet again, how peaceful it really is would be beyond shameful.  It’s an absolute disgrace.

Here’s how we stop it folks — and all it will take will be enough wealthy conservative, independent, and moderate private individuals in New York City to commission public works of art to line all the sidewalks in a three block radius of where that “Mega-Mosque” is supposed to be built.




A copy of this Florence statue needs to be built on giant scale, a story taller than the "Mega-Mosque", directly across the street from where this mosque is supposed to go.

If the Muslims have obtained city zoning permits and all the necessary paperwork to build this abomination, and if it’s really true that no one can stop them, then the only thing left to do is to make that location undesirable to them for a mosque. Pigs are considered undesirable in Islam. Muslims are not allowed to touch them, be near them, eat them, or have anything else to do with them.

Surely they would not want to make their pilgrimages to a building that’s aggressively surrounded by pig sculptures.

New Yorkers can easily justify the placement of these sculptures with some sort of connection to slaughterhouses, butcher shops, or other such relics in lower Manhattan’s past.  Even an especially delicious deli will do.  Ever eat a really great ham sandwich in the food court of the buildings Muslims blew up on 9/11?  Let’s commemorate it with 3,000 sculptures of pigs lining every possible inch of the three block radius around this mosque. One pig for each man, woman, and child killed by Muslims that day.

These pigs were all part of an art exhibit in Cleveland. Just imagine 3,000 of them lining the streets surrounding the proposed site of the Mega-Mosque...like a giant herd of pigs marching to mosque. Each pig will be personalized with the story of one person murdered by Muslims on 9/11

Once, we had a very delicious breakfast that included both bacon AND Canadian ham at Windows on the World, the restaurant Muslims destroyed on 9/11 that used to sit atop the Trade Center.  We ate that breakfast around 10am a few days before Muslims destroyed the building. Our friend Jane was at that breakfast, because she worked in one of the Towers.

Jane hasn’t had a breakfast since 9/11, because she died that day.

She was murdered by Muslims.

No more bacon, Canadian or otherwise, for her ever again.

We’d love to commemorate that final breakfast with Jane by immortalizing the bacon we ate with her that last time — erecting giant pig sculptures in Manhattan, perhaps with one bearing the story of Jane and that breakfast on its big, piggy, belly.

Perhaps every sculpture should contain a personal story about pigs, bacon, other breakfast meats, and ham sandwiches shared by the families of all those innocents that Muslims killed in the name of Allah on 9/11.  Surely each of the victims’ family members could conceive of a poignant pig-related tale to share with the world by having it carved into a massive pig sculpture.

Islam is a bully without tact, grace, respect, dignity, or sense. It’s mission is clear to us in the site it selected for this Mega-Mosque. The only thing bullies like Muslims understand is pushback.

If we don’t want the Scientology of the Middle Ages to build a mosque somewhere, we need to make that area undesirable to Muslims…we can think of no better way to instantly do this than to fill that area with poignant memories of all those murdered by Muslims on 9/11, carried towards that mosque on the bellies and hides of 3,000 colorful, impossible to miss, ginormous, permanently installed, PIGS.

Oh, Muslims and the Left will howl and wail over this idea.

But we tell you that every day you must think outside the box to defeat Islam.  These are people who spend all day memorizing the demented ravings of a pedophile from the Middle Ages.  They’re upset to the point of madness by cartoons.  They can be driven out of a room by the merest whiff of bacon — like vampires fleeing from garlic or holy water.

Those pigs would be like 3,000 crosses burning their vampire eyes, driving them away in legion. Howling, wailing, their bedsheets and towels flapping in the wind, racing as fast as they can to escape the ridiculous optic insult of porcine grace, beauty, and deliciousness.

The most amazing thing about this plan is that you know in your hearts it would actually work.  It’s left field.  It’s nuts.  It’s ballsy (especially if that whole urination thing could be pulled off with the giant male hog…with a penis so big and imposing it would captivate President Obama and Rahm Emanuel for DAYS if erected and positioned in such a way they could gape lovingly at it undisturbed, drooling and drooling and drooling into the puddling yellow-dyed water raining forever from above). HILLBUZZ H/T Paulo