MICHAEL SAVAGE – still banned in Britain while Islamic terrorists preach hate in the streets of London

In July 2010, Michael Savage, was again banned from Britain.  The new so-called “Conservative” government in England has decided to continue the ban against him.

This follows the May 2009 ban when Michael Savage’s name was added to a list of murderers, terrorists and others prohibited from traveling to the United Kingdom.  His name is listed alongside Russian skinheads imprisoned for murdering 10 immigrants and a Hamas terrorist who executed two Jewish parents and bashed in the head of their 4-year-old daughter. Although the news story in blaring headlines was that Michael Savage, talk show host, was banned in Britain, the subtext was really, “Michael Savage, nationalist and patriot, banned from the globalist system.”

The article linked here from World Net Daily details his battle.

This is probably the radio broadcast that got Savage banned by the dhimmis in Britain.