OKLAHOMA Congressional candidate says, "CAIR is the moral equivalent of the KU KLUX KLAN"

Not only that, Kevin Calvey has refused to take a dime from the local chapter of CAIR. Calvey joins the growing list of congressional candidates who are not afraid to call a radical Islamist group a radical Islamist group.

Kevin’s website: Calvey for Congress

A congressional candidate has refused a campaign donation from the executive director of an Islamic-American association, saying the group has ties to terrorist groups.

Kevin Calvey, a candidate for the 5th Congressional District seat, said Wednesday he refused a $25 online donation from Razi Hashim, the executive director of the Oklahoma chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, or CAIR.

Hashim said his donation was a personal contribution and not meant to be affiliated with the nonprofit group that employs him.

“I thought on a personal level, we could talk as two men, as people of God,” Hashim said. “Jesus said to love your neighbor; we have similar teachings in Islam as well.” (HAH!)

Calvey has been vocal in his opposition of the council nationally, pointing to the 2007 case against the Holy Land Foundation in which 307 people and the council were listed as “unindicted co-conspirators.” In 2008, a jury found members of the foundation guilty of funneling money to the militant group Hamas. One of the men found guilty was a member of the Texas branch of the council.

“That’s not my opinion, that is a fact,” said Calvey, an attorney and bronze star recipient, who was deployed to Iraq as a member of the National Guard. “That’s what our own government says about CAIR.”

Hashim said Calvey has a history of bashing Muslims. (So why did you try to give him money?)

Calvey, an attorney who helped prosecute terrorism suspects in the Iraqi court system, said he had no problem with the Muslim faith, but he could not support the council. “I worked alongside Muslims every day who were fighting against terrorism,” Calvey said.

Calvey said he would have no problem meeting with members of the council, if they left the organization.

“I haven’t met with them, nor will I,” Calvey said. “CAIR is the moral equivalent of the Ku Klux Klan. I wouldn’t meet with them either.” NewsOK H/T  Jihad Watch

Calvey confronts CAIR