TENNESSEE: The South will rise again…as in rise up against Islam

The battle against the proposed Islamic Center Mega Mosque for Murfreesboro, TN heats up, only now, the notoriously anti-Christian, leftie IslamoFascist apologists are coming out to counter the pro-America, anti-mosque crowd.

Anti-mosque marchers proudly paraded their opposition for a mile along East Main Street to the Public Square on Murfreesboro Wednesday. They carried flags of America and Israel, sang, “God Bless America,” and carried many signs, including: “Mosque leaders support killing converts. Tell it!”

There, they encountered hundreds of ’60’s flower children counter protesters carrying signs with messages such as, “All you need is love” and “Freedom for all religion”(EXCEPT Christianity) and “Tolerance.”

“Ignore their hate,” Fisher told his participants as they turned the east corner of the Square on their way to the west side of the County Courthouse.

The anti-mosque marchers included other people seeking public office, such as congressional candidates George Erdel, who calls himself “a tea party Democrat”, and Lou Ann Zelenik, a Republican Tea Party Candidate who has Islam is not a religion, it is a political way of life Many Zelenik supporters proudly displayed signs and T-shirts with her name on it.

Rutherford County resident Kevin Fisher led hundreds of protesters from Central Middle School to the steps of the Rutherford County Courthouse to turn over a petition to county officials demanding a halt to construction of the proposed mosque on Veals Road at Bradyville Pike in the southeastern part of the county.

The group was met by hundreds of counter protesters organized by MTRF.

Claire Rogers, an organizer with MTRF, believes Fisher’s march and concerns about proper notice by the county for the mosque’s site plan approval “are superficial” and “a thin veil for what is actually going on here, which is Islamophobia and fear of ‘the others.'” (But it isn’t Islamophobia when they really ARE trying to kill you)

“We wanted to be out here in strong numbers to support our (Muslim) neighbors,” she said.

Barbara Hensley, a counter-protester not affiliated with any group, said she attended the counter protest because she believes freedom of religion “is one of our fundamental rights. “I live less than a half mile away from the proposed Islamic Center and I feel they have as much of a right as anyone to build their mosque,” she said. (How do you feel about not being allowed to build a church or synagogue in Mecca? Hell, you can’t even visit Mecca if you’re not a raghead) LINK

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