FRANCE: MUSLIMS RIOTING AGAIN, yet most media will only refer to them as "youths"

France fears widespread rioting as Muslim youths rampage after police shoot Muslim robber.

Seems like every summer Muslims find a reason to riot in the streets of France and set fire to hundreds of cars. (See links at the end)

France was on riot alert yesterday after hundreds of Muslim youths went on the rampage in Grenoble. Shots were fired at police and dozens of shops and cars were set on fire in the Alpine town. Trams and buses were also held up by gangs brandishing baseball bats and bars, and a service station was looted.

The violence followed the fatal shooting of Karim Boudouda, a 27-year-old man involved in an attempted robbery at the Uriage-les-Bains casino, near Grenoble. Locals accused armed officers of overreacting by gunning down Boudouda.

A Grenoble police spokesman said: ‘There has been a very fierce reaction. As mourners gathered in a park to hear Muslim prayers for the dead man late on Friday night, trouble broke out. By Saturday morning tear gas was being used on the youths.

‘At about 2.30am a handgun was used to fire shots at the police. A youth was arrested, which seemed to make matters worse. The trouble went on until morning.’

Many fear the trouble will spread to other towns, as it did in 2005 when the death of two youths in Paris led to rioting and a state of emergency being declared across France. UK DAILY MAIL

You’d never know the rioters were Muslims from this video: