SCREW THE LAW! UK MUSLIMS refuse to allow guide dogs to ride in buses or taxis

Blind passengers are being ordered off buses or refused taxi rides by Muslim drivers or passengers because they object to their ‘unclean’ guide dogs.

This ‘dogophobia’ is against the law, so why don’t they fire/jail the Muslim bastards who do this?

One pensioner, a cancer sufferer, told how had twice been confronted by drivers and asked to get off the bus because of his guide dog, and had also faced hostility at a hospital and in a supermarket over the animal.

The problem to carry guide dogs on religious grounds has become so widespread that the matter was raised in the House of Lords last week, prompting transport minister Norman Baker to warn that a religious objection was not a reason to eject a passenger with a well-behaved guide dog.

While drivers can use their discretion to refuse to carry non-disabled passengers with dogs, they are compelled to accept guide dogs under disability discrimination law.

Yesterday both the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association and the National Federation of the Blind confirmed the problem was common, and, according to the latter organization was ‘getting worse’.

The tension stems from a strand of Islamic teaching which warns against contact with dogs because the animal’s saliva was considered to be impure, the Muslim Council of Britain said. It urged Muslims to show tolerance and common sense over the issue. ‘If a dog does lick you, it’s not the end of the world. Just go home and wash yourself.’ (That’s right, abandon your bus or taxi and scoot on home to wash leaving passengers stranded.)

George Herridge, 73, a retired hospital maintenance manager, told the Daily Mail he was ‘stunned’ to be twice asked by bus drivers to leave their vehicles because of his guide dog Andy, a black Labrador.

Mr Herridge, who lives with wife Janet, 69, in Tilehurst, Reading, said that on the first occasion two years ago, he got off at the request of a Muslim driver because some Muslim children on board were ‘screaming’ because of the dog.

He found himself in a similar scenario in May last year, when a Muslim woman and her children became ‘hysterical’. Mr Herridge this time refused the driver’s request to alight.

He complained to the bus company which launched an investigation. It later informed him the matter had been dealt with ‘internally’. (Sure it has)

Jill Allen-King, spokesman for the NFB, said she had been repeatedly left on the kerb by Muslim taxi drivers who refused to take her dog.

One cab driver told her he would have to ‘go home now and wash myself’ when she tried to enter his car with her dog.

Mr Baker yesterday warned bus and cab companies that, while there were within their rights to ask a passenger to leave if the dog was causing a nuisance, it was ‘much more questionable to be asked to remove a dog for religious reasons’. UK DAILY MAIL







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  1. As a muslim, I feel this act of close minded- retarded -fake muslim believers is really degrading our Islam values. We are always encouraged to love all God’s creations with respect. It doesn’t make them better muslim by refusing disabled blind man with his loyal companion who needs a ride. Really, they should learn their religion deeper and better before call themselves muslims.

  2. I’m from the u.s. we need to come to our senses oust all politicians that placate and allow these 3rd century barbarians to invade then demand we follow their satanic ideologies. Obama is allowing these animals to Invade us here. There is only so much real americans will stand. Fight for your homelands brothers! Here in the states Obama pushes closer and closer to civil war by the day. A war sadly for him he would lose.

  3. Is this for real?when is common sence going to prevail?what is wrong with you people allowing this ?,who is in charge ?how can this primitive backwood poor excuse for a religion come into a country and change the culture and laws of a country ,it has because -you-me-they have let it,as is being done all over the world ,even here in my country Australia ,we are allowing it by not fighting those who are aiding and abetting this barbaric ignorant ideology called -Islam ,how dare they take from the blind the beautiful faithful guide dogs,if more people stood up to these dog haters as the pensioner did those who are ingraiting themsellves with this barbarim might realise they are backing the wrong horse, who are they to tell -us dogs are unclean ?who are they to change -our culture to theirs, a culture of death,hate ,beheadings ,stoning,murder,please do not let them kill the animals,if you stand by and do nothing -you are worse than they are ,and they are the bottom of the barrell -low life.

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