UK: MUSLIM Hit & Run bus driver who decapitated a passenger gets ONLY 4 years in prison

French Tunisian* bus driver who went on the run after being found guilty of decapitating a passengers in a horror smash has been given a puny 4-year sentence.

*This article did not list his relgion but Islam is the dominant religion of French Tunisia

Raouf Mraidi

Raouf Mraidi, 30, fled from the UK after it emerged he ran a red light in his double-decker and smashed into a tram and a BMW.

One of the his passengers, 28-year-old Andrzei Karcz, died in the accident in Croydon on September 7 2008 after being thrown through the front window of the bus. He was decapitated. Six other passengers were injured.

Mraidi was charged with causing death by dangerous driving after a court heard how his 468 bus caused a trail of devastation, hitting a tram, shop fronts and a BMW before coming to a halt.

Mraidi, a French Tunisian, appeared before Croydon magistrates in May 2009, but was bailed ahead of his trial, which was set for December of that year.

Although he had his passport confiscated, Mraidi – who was living in Bermondsey at the time of the crash – was able to abscond to his native France using an identity card that allows people to travel freely between European countries.

He was jailed for four years in his absence after he failed to show for the trial at Croydon Crown Court, with the judge, Warwick McKinnon saying finding him in France would be like ‘searching for a needle in a haystack’.

Andrzei Karcz, 28, died in the accident after being thrown through the front window of the bus and decapitated

But after a five-month manhunt by the Metropolitan Police and French officers, he was tracked down on May 26 this year. He subsequently appealed against an extradition order but was returned to Britain earlier this month.

As a result of him fleeing the country the court imposed a further four months in prison on top of Mraidi’s original four-year sentence. (Big Fricken Deal, he should have gotten 25 years)

‘Mr Karcz died needlessly in a devastating traffic collision and I hope that today his family will gain some small comfort from the knowledge that Mraidi is finally serving his sentence.’ (Comfort? They should be outraged)

‘Mraidi managed to get out of the UK despite not having a passport and was being sheltered in France by friends.UK DAILY MAIL h/t Lee

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