UK SKY NEWS reporter pimping for the Taliban

Sky News’ Alex Crawford tries to show us the ‘softer’ side of the Taliban, even if she has to make stuff up.

She portrays the Afghan Taliban  as simple farmers who don’t want to fight and will lay down their arms as soon as the foreign invaders leave. Crawford says the Taliban carry cell phones with them so they can look at photos/videos of the “atrocities” committed by American soldiers at Abu Graib, which inspires them to fight. Imagine that! These 7th century throwbacks are mass consumers of Western electronics. Who knew?

I guess she forgot to ask them about throwing acid in women’s faces, forced child marriage for little girls, burning down schools, and stoning rape victims to death. Hmmmmm But  this shouldn’t come as a surprise considering Britain’s top military chaplain says “We must recognize the good things about the Afghan Taliban.” READ MORE