MUSLIM DAY AT SIX FLAGS 2010 – on 9/11 weekend!

The first Muslim Family Day at Six Flags was held in September 2000. After 9/11, Muslims continued to celebrate the deaths of thousands of Americans at Six Flags every September. This year, they will be able to commemorate the triumph of 9/11 on 9/11, then extend the celebration to Muslim Family Day at Six Flags on 9/12.

MUSLIM DAY AT SIX FLAGS is being sponsored by the Islamic Circle of North America openly supports HAMAS and Hezbollah and refuses to condemn them. It has been under investigation for fundraising for and money laundering to Islamic terrorist groups.

Six Flags tells its employees: “Out of respect (to Islam), we request the employees wear their uniform pants, instead of their shorts”no matter how hot it is. If Muslims wanted to show respect they wouldn’t hold this the day after 9/11.

Every year, the New Jersey theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure, transforms as ‘The Great Muslim Adventure Day’, organized by the Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA). This multi-ethnic but Islam-only event brings Muslims together in a fun-filled, culturally Islamic environment providing family entertainment for the entire (MUSLIM) family. Halal hot dogs for all.

Muslim Family Day at Six Flags!

“Tons of Fun 4 Everyone!”

Editors Note: “Everyone” does not include: Jews, Homosexuals, Catholics, Protestants, Americans, Christians, Mexicans, Hindus, Buddhists, etc, etc, etc.

Here’s the Muslim Day TV commercial from 2009

Some comments from the FACEBOOK page:

Patrick Rice OH look! Lots of little future terrorists and wife beaters at Six Flags! I won’t be doing business with Six Flags. Ever.

Scott Redlhammer When is Jewish Family Day?

Kim Ricci Petnel are you going to take down the american flags??all 6?? replace with a muslim flag?? how about Christian day??how about support your TROOPS DAY??? THIS IS AMERICA..BOYCOTT!!!!SPREADING THE WORD..SEPT 12TH??? THE DAY AFTER THESE TERRORIST TOOK DOWN THE TOWERS AND KILLED THOUSANDS OF AMERICANS?? AND YOU HONOR THEM ??

Ivan Alacran Soto Is there a Catholic, Christia or Jewish family day? Why is everyone bending over for these towelheads? They attacked our country we should be destrying their religion, people and land!

Alla Amleh Is it only muslims?

Asmaa Addi

Whether you like it or not Islam is spreading because it is the religion of peace…

Bruce Tyler

Flying Airplanes into Sky Scrapers seems like a nice way to express your religion.

Scott Redlhammer

 If you deny that Islam is a Religion of Peace…they will murder you…