SHOCKER! Muslim country REDUCES prison sentence for homosexual crossdresser

DUBAI – An Emirati convicted of public indecency, cross dressing, insulting Islam and having homosexual consensual sex has had his jail sentence cut to one year from three, UAE daily the National reported.

In many Muslim countries, he would have been hanged.

The student, 22, identified as MN, was sentenced by Dubai Criminal Court of First Instance in March. He was arrested in July 2009 when travelling to Europe with his male partner, who has also been sentenced to a year in jail on a conviction for homosexuality.

MN’s lawyer told Dubai Court of Appeals the method used to arrest his client and search his home were illegal, adding that police arrested the student with an undated warrant.

The newspaper reported that police found porn in the defendants’s home. Prosecutors have also accused him of posing in a hijab while reading the Quran. The Dubai Court of Appeals is expected to issue the reason behind its decision to cut the jail sentence in two days, the newspaper reported.Maktoob h/t TROP

Credit where credit is due, Dubai is attempting to push back shari’a law.