BOO FRICKEN HOO! Muslims livid over NYC Mayor's decision NOT to allow two Muslim school holidays

Dhimmi Bloomberg who still supports the Ground Zero Terror mosque is no hero for denying Muslims two official Muslim school holidays. It’s about the money – the more days off, the less the reimbursement the City gets from the State.

Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s decision last year against incorporating two Muslim holidays into the public school calendar left many in the community — from parents and students, to teachers and politicians — baffled and frustrated. With the start of the next school year now less than two months away, nothing has changed.

The decision came last June after the City Council overwhelmingly voted to include Eid-ul Adha and Eid-ul Fitr — the two holiest days in the Muslim religion — as days off in the school calendar. But because the mayor vetoed the resolution, 100,000 Muslim students, or approximately 12 percent of the city’s student population, are still forced to choose between their religious obligations and their academic ones.

Ten percent of the total city population is Muslim. Twelve percent of public school students are Muslim.” Incorporating the holidays “just makes sense,” he added. (That’s an outright lie. There are approx. 600,000 Muslims in NYC out of a population of 8,000,000 – hardly 10% SOURCE Muslims are notorious liars)

What doesn’t seem to make sense to many is why the mayor has refused to honor the holidays (After all, he bows down to Muslims on all other issues)

The issue is not only about how many students celebrate the holiday, or the decision they must make between observing their faith and going to school — acknowledgment and inclusion of the Muslim faithful is also involved.

If the mayor had backed the council resolution, “It would mean yes, we see you. You’re not invisible,” Burcaram said. “I don’t want my daughter to think, ‘Why them and not me?’ I want my children to feel a part of the system because they are,” she said. (No, you don’t, you want everyone to make special accommodations for your faith – from Muslim prayer rooms in schools to Muslim footbaths in public institutions)

The mayor’s choice was “a terrible decision,” he added. “He should respect the Muslim students.” (Why, Muslims don’t respect anyone else? Do Christians get a day off for Christmas in a Muslim country?)

“The mayor has a great chance to leave a legacy of respect,” El-Meligy said, “if he does the right thing, which is to change the calendar.” But for now, “It is not acceptable to treat the Muslim community this way,” he said. (Go to Hell, ragheads) Queens Chronicle

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