You can put lipstick on a pig…

HALAL CERTIFIED COSMETICS – ‘”Now I can pray without having to take off my makeup.”

Can’t they just put a black garbage bag over their heads as they do in the streets?  Why do they even need makeup? I thought they are supposed to hide themselves from the public? The Islamization of England continiues.

Halal meat for Muslims has been readily available in the UK for years, but now a business woman has gone a step further by launching a range of halal make-up.

The cosmetics – which includes everything from lipstick to eyeliner and blusher – are made in strict accordance with Islamic law, using plant extracts and minerals instead of alcohol and animal products.

Samina Akhter says she set up Samina Pure Make-up because she felt uneasy  praying while wearing non-halal make-up. ‘I don’t feel comfortable praying with make-up on not knowing what was in there. ‘When I researched what was in make-up I found there was a lot of animal products included. ‘I was shocked to find that some products contained alcohol and even pig placenta.

‘Many Muslim women like me have been frustrated by wanting to look good and follow their faith.

Samina, who runs the business from her home in Birmingham, started importing the make-up from Australia six months ago.  She now has more than 500 customers as well as interest from America and Indonesia. The cosmetics are shipped in from Australia and certified by the independent Halal Certification Authority Australia.

Halal means anything which is lawful in Islamic law and prohibits the consumption of pork, blood and alcohol. Products which do not conform are known as ‘haram’. UK DAILY MAIL H/T Lee

How many animals have to be halal slaughtered so these bagheads can look good?