Another nail in the coffin of Free Speech in Britain

Scores of police had to break up clashes between members of the right-wing English Defence League (EDL) and Muslims in Luton town centre on Thursday.

Trouble flared after Kevin Carroll, 41, lost at appeal at Luton Crown Court to overturn a conviction for using threatening behaviour at an earlier demonstration when Muslim demonstrators had shouted abuse at British soldiers from the 2nd Battalion, The Royal Anglian Regiment, during a homecoming parade in the town last year.

They had shouted “British soldiers go to hell” and called them “butchers of Basra”. Carroll verbally retaliated, swearing at the protesters and singing “bin Laden’s mother is a whore”.

He was charged and subsequently convicted of using threatening words and behaviour likely to to cause fear harassment and alarm. He was given a conditional discharge. Following his failed appeal, he told a crowd of supporters that people like him were being “treated like enemies of the state.”

Up to 80 officers had to keep a group of Carroll’s supporters, chanting ‘EDL’, separate from opposition protesters. During the violence objects including ashtrays and a knife were thrown.

He said: “Thank you patriots and people of our great democracy for supporting me. “God Bless our Troops, God save the Queen.” UK Telegraph

CIVIL WAR anyone? This is what the EDL is up against. Makes one wonder which group is worse – the Muslims, the police, or the media?

Anti-Islamists clashed with Muslim extremists as the Royal Anglian Regiment marched through Barking after returning from deployment in Afghanistan.

About 50 members of a group called Muslims Against the Crusades heckled soldiers shouting “murderers” and brandished placards proclaiming “British soldiers are cowards” during a homecoming parade for troops.

They were met with counter-demonstration of nationalists including members of the extreme anti Islam English Defence League shouting “scum” and “Allah, Allah, who the f***k is Allah”.

Moments after the soldiers passed by tensions reached boiling point as nationalists broke police lines and charged across the road, clashing with the Muslim protesters. Police quickly separated the two groups and escorted the Islamists to the tube station. Vimeo