CALIFORNIA activists protest sanitized version of the Religion of Hate in public schools

Several local activists say they plan to go to the Fountain Valley school board to ask for changes in social science textbooks they say have “cleansed” portrayals of Islamic history.

Fountain Valley resident Steven A. Jackson is asking the board to consider the introduction of supplementary material to be used with the district’s current seventh-grade social science textbook. He contends that editions of thebooks adopted for use in California present “a totally positive view of Islam at the expense of accuracy.”


We expect schools to teach the truth,” said Jackson, 64, who had five children go throughFountain Valley schools.

Several members of Orange County chapters ofACT! for America, a national group that advocates against the threat of radical Islam, are also expected to attend the meeting.

Fountain Valley School Board Superintendent Marc Ecker said he did not believe any immediate action would be taken on Jackson’s proposal. He said the board would most likely decide to put the item on a future agenda for discussion or dismiss it immediately.

“What they’re objecting to is material in a state-adopted book,” he said. “It’s a state-adopted book for a number of reasons… I can’t imagine the board spending a great deal of time on the resolution.” (Of course not, better to fill kids heads with lies about the religion that wants to kill them than spend any time reviewing it)

He said the textbook was read and reviewed by district parents before its acceptance. (As if they know anything about Islam. SHEEEEESH!)

Thursday’s meeting – 6:30 p.m. at the district office, 10055 Slater Ave. – will be the latest in aseries of run-ins between the Fountain Valley School District and ACT!Since May of last year, ACT! members have voiced their disapproval not only of texts being used by Fountain Valley schools, but also the district’s leasing of space to a nonprofit known as the Institute of Religion and Civic Values.

Jackson says the textbook in question, the 2006 edition of Houghton-Mifflin Harcourt’s World History: Medieval to Early Modern Times, not only has inaccuracies but will remain in use for years to come because of the district’s limited budget for new books. In light of this, he said he is recommending supplementary material to update and correct what he and ACT! members see as inaccuracies in the original text.

The supplementary material, written by Textbook Alert, addresses a 55-page section of the textbook regarding Islamic history. Textbook Alert Director Sandra Alfonsi described the group as “an independent think tank” with experience reviewing textbooks.

Textbook Alert recommended various changes to the textbook addressing what the group believes are inaccuracies ranging from Muslims’ views on Christians and Jews to interpretations of jihad, or the Arabic word for “struggle.”


Textbook, Page 61: “Jews, Christians and Muslims also recognize many of the same prophets. Muhammad taught that prophets such as Abraham, Moses and Jesus had lived in earlier times.”

—Textbook Alert: “Judaism and Christianity do not regard Abraham, Moses or Jesus as prophets.”

Textbook, Page 61: “Muhammad respected Jews and Christians as “people of the Book” because their holy books taught many of the same ideas that Muhammad taught.”

—Textbook Alert: “The Qur’an refers to Christians and Jews as “apes”, “pigs”, “dogs” and “worse than cattle”. (Surahs [chapters 2:64; 5:59-60; 7:159-166; 7:176; 25:44.) This according to what Muslims regard as the word of Allah as revealed to Muhammad, is their belief about the true essence of Jews and Christians.”

Textbook, Page 83: “Muslims generally practice religious tolerance, or acceptance, with regard to people they conquered. In other words, the Muslims did not ban all religions other than Islam in their lands. Jews and Christians in particular kept many of their rights, since they shared some beliefs with Muslims.”

—Textbook Alert: “…The alternatives offered to conquered Christians and Jews are conversion to Islam, or death; they enjoy ‘protection’ only as they endure humiliation and severely restricted religious and civil rights…” OCE REGISTER

MORONICALLY, though not surprisingly in leftie Kalifornia, Trustees decline to change the totally inaccurate, whitewashed portrayal of Islam.

Schools in the Fountain Valley district will not change the way they portray Islamic history to 7th-graders.

After a long, contentious meeting Thursday night, a unanimous school board declined to go further with a proposal by Fountain Valley resident Steve Jackson that they provide supplemental material to the district’s 7th grade social science textbook. Jackson contends the textbook shows a “totally positive view of Islam at the expense of accuracy.”

OUTRAGED Robert Lauten points his finger at Marc Ecker, superintendent of the Fountain Valley School District, in a heated discussion at the conclusion of the public comments before the Fountain Valley School District Board of Trustees.

After listening to 18 speakers on the matter, board members said they felt they didn’t have the authority to determine whether supplementary material, which had not been state approved, could be used in district classrooms. (Pussies)

“I still feel as trustee and former educator and parent that (this decision) belongs with the Curriculum Commission,” said trustee Judith Edwards. “If we start messing with supplementary materials for this textbook we’re going to be doing it for all textbooks.”

Youssef Sobhi, who represented Steven Jackson, speaks before the Fountain Valley School District Board of Trustees in support of Jackson’s proposal to the board about supplementary material to counter the portrayal of Islam in the district’s current 7th grade social science textbook.

“Supplementary materials need to come as a whole from state. If we start piecemealing them together… one district at a time we’re going to be in trouble,” she added.

The statement was met by groans of disappointment from the audience of about 100, many of whom had come to support the resolution. The crowd had to be silenced on several occasions, with the board bringing in two police officers after hearing public comments to ensure order. OCE REGISTER