July 31, 2010, Jacksonville, FL Training Conference featuring Muslim Mafia author and counter terrorism expert, Dave Gaubatz. Learn about the Islamic enemies already here and what you can do about it.

Paul ‘Dave’ Gaubatz, former Federal Agent, is a U.S. State Department-trained Arabiclinguist and counterterrorism specialist. Working on assignments in Middle-Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Kuwait and Iraq, Dave Gaubatz has more than two decades of experience. Mr. Gaubatz is the owner of Wahhabi CT Publications and provides counter-terrorism training materials for law enforcement and other organizations. He is frequently called upon for speaking engagements and training.



The Morning Session:

10:00 – 10:15   Introductions and welcoming guests

10:15 – 11:15 Viewing of the film “Radical Islam on the March”  by Coral Ridge Ministries the church founded by Dr. D. James Kennedy in south Florida.  A Bilbical Perspective to Radical Islam.

11:15 – 11:25   Short Break

11:25 – 12:25   Dave & Chris Gaubatz will discuss

1. the Muslim Brotherhood, whose stated goal is to infiltrate the foundational institutional organization (politics, media, education, and religious) to subvert and destroy America from within.

They will discuss their 6 month undercover operation at CAIR headquarters, a designated Muslim Brotherhood entity and the propaganda arm of Hamas in America by both the Dept. of Justice, and the FBI, which has severed it previous working relationship with CAIR.

Current Federal Grand Jury Investigation into Cair and other Muslim Brotherhood Front groups due in regard to the 12,000+ incriminating pages of evidence that Chris gleaned while an intern for CAIR.

Dave is the co-author of “Muslim Mafia:  Inside the secret underworld which is conspiring to Islamize America”

2.    Conducting your activism in a legal and professional manner.

3.  Being prepared for Lawsuits from by Islamic based Terror Groups and/or Muslim Brotherhood Front Groups.

4.  Rely on facts and first-hand obtained evidence only.

5.  Staying away from ‘Rehetoric’
Note:   Dave also was in Iraq and was directly responsible for saving the Iraqi Doctor who saved Private Jessica Lynch, along with his family.

12:25 – 1:00   Lunch & Morning Session Book Signing by Dave & Chris Gaubatz for guest who cannot stay for afternoon session.
(Bring your own copy or they can be purchased for $20.00 at the training Conference.)

The Afternoon Session

1:00 – 2:00   Dave & Chris will discuss:

1.   Materials used in Sunni and Shiite mosque that advocate violence and call for treason /sedition against America and the destruction of Israel

2.   Understanding Sharia Law

3. You must know who the Islamic Scholars operating in America are; who control the day to day activities of the Muslim Brotherhood.

2:00 – 2:10   Short Break
2:10 – 3:10   Dave & Chris will discuss;

1.  Training required to conduct research inside an Islamic Center.

2.  Avoiding lawsuits and how to handle the liberal media.

3:10 – 4:00  Host Act! for America‘s Jacksonville Chapter will give a brief presentation on;

1.   Legislation they have been instrumental in passing to protect Floridians and other states from the march of Political Islam in America, as well as sponsored legislation.

2.  The many Senators and Congressman & Women who support Act for America (e.g. Michelle Bachman, Peter King, Sue Myrick, Bozeman, Franks who spoke to us at our National Convention in D.C. this past month.

3.  Introduction of Capwhiz…. a new program Act will unveil in next couple of weeks enabling voters to track the voting record of all elected officials for up to as much as 6 years. It enables the easiest way to contact and influence our elected officials vs. any program out there to day…with much more ease.

4.  We will discuss the “THIN Blue LINE” a nationwide training project for local law enforcement, which is currently getting approval in several states and for continuing education credits for law enforcement officers.

5.  Act! for America’s Online Research Library, was just unveiled d this past week at our parent organization www.americancongressfortruth.com website.

6. Brigitte Gabriel (founder of Act for America)  speaking engagements for several Tea Parties and Mega Church groups’ in the near future in Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and Tennessee.


Discounts and Codes:

Elected Officials/law enforcement officers:   Free  discount code is (elected official)  20 seats only now till show (1st come 1st serve basis).

Tea Party Members:   25% off   discount code is (Tea Party)
4 days only   unlimited tickets .

Glad Tidings Church Members:   50% off discount code is (Gladtidings)

All discounts will be verified and turned away if not legitimate.

COST:   $40/person includes Materials and Refreshments (lunch on your own).  Cost is $50.00 at the door.

For Additional question or information contact [email protected] or    Randy McDaniels (904) 638-9635.