Does the sentence fit the crime?

SCOTLAND: A man who ripped off a Muslim woman’s face veil and threw it on the ground has been jailed for two years. (But they released from prison the terrorist who blew up a plane over Lockerbie killing 270 people)

William Baikie grabbed the religious covering, known as a hijab (they must mean niqab because hijab does not cover the face), from 26-year-old Anwar Alqahtani as she walked to get a train from Glasgow’s Central Station.

Miss Alqahtani, who wears the hijab to protect her modesty as part of her religion, had to use another piece of clothing to cover her face after the veil was ripped as Baikie pulled it from her.

Miss Alqahtani, who had come to Scotland from Saudi Arabia to study a masters degree, has now quit her studies and is afraid to leave the house as a result of the attack.(Good, go back to Saudi Arabia) Sentencing Baikie at Glasgow Sheriff Court on Monday, Sheriff Lindsay Wood told him that what he did was an “absolute disgrace.” (Oh, puhleeese)

The dad-of-two, whose address was given as HMP Barlinnie, admitted racially assaulting Miss Alqahtani by forcibly removing her veil at Hope Street, Glasgow, on April 27. “The force of what he did damaged the hijab (niqab?) and it would not now cover her face so she had to find another item of clothing to cover her. (A brown paper bag would work)

Mr Bradley said: “This thoughtless, disrespectful act has had a very serious and profound effect on Miss Alqahtani. “She and her husband follow the Qur’an very strictly and it is highly offensive for anybody, particularly a man, to have sight of her face in public. (Then stay the hell out of Western countries)

“She now feels that she has lost her independence as she is afraid to go out on her own in case it happens again. She is effectively house bound as a result of what the accused did.”(Isn’t that where all Saudi women belong?) News STV