"When we get assaulted, the police don't want to do anything," whines Code Pinko leader

Self-hating Jew bitch and Code Pinko leader, Medea Benjamin, protesting at the Christians United for Israel conference complains about getting assaulted and wondering why nobody cares?

I wonder how many Muslims she has to sleep with to get them to they keep paying for her to go to Gaza and spread lies about how bad things are there to the American public?

Someody needs to send her the videos of the thriving and prosperous Gaza from this website. The “poor, starving Palestinian story is getting old and there’s too much visual evidence that this is just a big lie being perpetrated by the Jew-haters of the world. I wish she’d stand in front of a bulldozer like her pal Rachel ‘Pancake’ Corrie did.

This is the best sign I’ve seen:

If you’ve finished eating dinner, look at these saggy old Code Pinko’s naked protest of BP