Awwwww, Mohammad's family is traumatized because the FBI questioned him about a Muslim terrorist. Duh!

Mohammad Iqbal threatens to sue the FBI after agents grilled him about the Times Square bombing plot for five hours as his terrified children watched inside their home.

An outraged Long Island limo driver had a message Friday for his five small kids: Daddy’s no terrorist. “I don’t want my kids to be told their father’s a terrorist,” a still-seething Iqbal said at his Shirley, L.I., home. (Hey, if the rag fits….)

Iqbal, 45, wants an apology for what he deemed racial profiling after FBI agents pounded on his suburban front door around 6 a.m. Thursday.

The federal agents took four computers, two cell phones, a journal – and his dignity, Iqbal said. “They harassed me in front of my kids,” said the 45-year-old Pakistan immigrant. “They could have done it in a different way. My kids couldn’t sleep all night. My whole family’s so scared.” (My heart bleeds for you. NOT)

Iqbal, whose children run in age from 2 to 9, said his eldest was afraid to leave the house for school. “People are going to ask me if my father’s a terrorist,” the boy told his dad.

FBI spokesman Jim Margolin disputed Iqbal’s claims, saying the raid was properly handled. “The FBI doesn’t engage in ethnic or racial profiling,” Margolin said. “Our position is that he and the other occupants were treated properly.”

Iqbal met with a lawyer to discuss his legal options. Agents mostly asked about his friendMuhammad Younis, whose Centereach, L.I., home was also raided, and accused terroristFaisal Shahzad, Iqbal said. (It isn’t about being traumaatized, it’s about the money, you Muslim POS)

The Long Island man said the FBI kept his house under surveillance for the last week, and he found five agents going through his trash last weekend. “It’s harassment,” Iqbal said. “It’s not right. I’m an American. What must my neighbors think of me now?” (Now they think for sure you are a terrorist collaborator)

At least one believes Iqbal was up to no good. “Maybe he’s not a terrorist,” Bill Sacco, 58, said. “But he must have something to do with that stuff, or else the FBI wouldn’t be searching his house and sitting on our street day and night.” NY DAILY NEWS H/T TROPGee, I wonder what all these terrorists have in common?