IT FIGURES! Apparently, the 3 American hikers imprisoned in Iran for a year are said to be like 3 Rachel 'pancake' Corries

BNI suspected as much. (See links under story) Serves them right for hiking on the border of Iran. I wonder if they’ve been subjected to the usual Iranian prison guard treatment?*

* take-him-and-get-him-pregnant-said-iranian-prison-guards-to-jailed-student-dissident

* iranians-wed-then-rape-virgin-girls-before-executing-them

* and-obama-thinks-he-can-negotiate-with-these-savages

If Sarah Shourd, 31, could have, she would have set sail on the recent flotilla to Gaza. Same for her boyfriend Shane Bauer, 28 and their friend Josh Fattal, 28.The 3 Rachel Corries pre-Iran

And they would probably be out there right now, demonstrating against Israel’s reaction, the blockade in general, and well, Israel in general.

That’s the kind of thing they believe in. Those are the sorts of activities they do. “These are like three Rachel Corries,” says their friend Shon Meckfessel, comparing them to the activist killed in Gaza who has become something of a symbol of the pro-Palestinian movement, “…we have spent out whole adult lives contesting injustices in the Middle East.”

Except for now, none of those three young Americans is doing much of anything. On Saturday, it will be a year since they were taken into captivity in Iran, where they remain, in Evin prison, with almost no contact with the outside world.The 3 Rachel Corries now

Meckfessel, who was traveling with them when they were taken captive, is frustrated that so little is being done to get them released. “It just does not feel like a priority for the U.S. administration,” he complains. Is it because they are Americans who were critical of U.S. and Israeli actions? “I definitely wonder about that,” he says.(If Obama knew, that you’d have been out a year ago)

Swiss diplomats, who represent the U.S. in Tehran have managed only three visits with the captives. An Iranian lawyer has had no access. And Shourd, in solitary confinement, is said to be increasingly depressed.

The three are accused of being spies who entered the country to gather information and incite resistance to the regime – but no official charges have been made, and there is no trial date scheduled. All of which leaves the “American hikers” as they are called, in total limbo.Mothers wearing hijabs did not impress the Iranians

A year ago, the four friends had set out from Syria, where they were living and teaching in a Palestinian refugee camp, on a hiking trip to Kurdistan, in Northern Iraq, recounts Meckfessel. Staying in picturesque Suleymania, the plan was to go hiking and camping in the Zagros Mountains. Read more:HAARETZ H/T ZIP

VIDEO about the supporters of the leftie scumbags. Shame on FOX NEWS for giving them a platform.