STATEN ISLAND IslamoFascist sympathizing lefties protest defeat of proposed mosque

Although the deal has been taken off the table, non-Muslim community members rallied in front of a former Midland Beach convent today to support those who had hoped to build a mosque at the site.

Holding signs that read “Shame on the Archdiocese,” “Bigots, Racists and Haters… Go Home” and “Islamophobia? No!!,” some 30 protesters outside the building owned by St. Margaret Mary’s R.C. Church said the day was about freedom of religion.

The rally was organized by Elaine Brower of Great Kills and Devra Morice of New Springville. They explained that the rally was scheduled before the July 21 decision by the church’s board to cancel the sale of the convent to the terror-linked (MAS) Muslim American Society.

“We’re Staten Islanders and we care that other Staten Islanders can not worship freely,” Ms. Brower said, adding, “I was raised Catholic and I’m disappointed by my faith. I can’t believe there’s so much religious intolerance.” (Idiots. How about protesting all the persecution and killings of Christians by Muslims around the world?) SI LIVE