CANADA allows veiled Muslim women to bypass airport security checks

In Canada now, political correctness trumps security. Flying while Muslim means you won’t be forced to uncover your face or lift up your burqa before boarding a plane. Are we feeling safer yet?

Each passenger must submit his/her own passport and boarding pass so they can be identified at the last check in point before boarding the aircraft. EXCEPT FOR MUSLIMS! Canada airport security will not ask a veiled Muslim to remove her veil and prove her identity.

Frequent flyers know the drill: take off your shoes, surrender your tweezers and pack your shampoo in those little plastic baggies before lining up for the naked body scanners. But lift your niqab? Apparently not.

QMI Agency can reveal thatneither airlines nor security services are asking Muslim women to lift their veils and prove that the face beneath matches their photo ID.

The issue came to light through a video taken by Mick Flynn of Bradford, England. Flynn was boarding a flight at Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport when he witnessed two women with their faces covered board an Air Canada Heathrow bound flight without being asked to remove their veils.

In fact, in the video that Flynn has posted online, a man traveling with the group hands in all the passports and is the only one to interact with airline staff while two veiled women simply walk through.

“I complained at the desk — and again as I boarded the plane — asking if the pilot was happy that two women boarded without being identified,” Flynn told QMI Agency. “Both members of staff whom I spoke to were flustered and clearly embarrassed.”

Flynn’s communication with Air Canada and his video posting have resulted in a threatened lawsuit from the airline. As for answers from the company about security procedures, their response reveals holes in Canada’s air security.

Air Canada says it is capable of checking identification in a private room away from the check-in counter, but said the real responsibility for security measures lies with CATSA, the Canadian Air Transport Security Agency. Not so, says CATSA. Greg MacDougall, a spokesman for CATSA, tells QMI that their guards are primarily looking for metal, weapons or other banned material, not ensuring that veiled faces match passport photos.

“We don’t have concerns with that. We have concerns with the fact if the person has any metal under their clothing,” MacDougall said. A former CATSA employee, who, until recently worked as a frontline screener, tells QMI: We were never allowed to ask anyone with a veil to lift it. It is their religion.”

Frontline workers for several airlines say that any checks, if they happen at all, would likely happen at the check-in desk, not at boarding or security. Most airports have wide gaps between where baggage is checked and the secure portions of the airport.

Transport Canada says there should be no confusion: “The airline must be able to verify the identity of all passengers before they are allowed to board,” the department said in a written statement. Lawyer David Harris of INSIGNIS Strategic Research says Canadians should be concerned about what he deems preferential treatment.

“Full veiling has been a boon for those participating in criminal and terrorist operations,” Harris said pointing to the story of Mustaf Jama. Jama, a Somali national with a long criminal record, was wanted in Britain for the 2006 murder of police constable Sharon Beshenivsky. As police closed in to arrest the career criminal, Jama was able to escape back to Somalia by wearing a full veil and boarding a flight at Heathrow. CNEWS H/T ZIP


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  1. I found this link regarding Muslim women wearing veils. I’m strongly against them being able to board our plane without having to remove this veil and we have to remove shoes, belts etc. How do we know there is no male under the veil? We don’t because the faces are covered. These women live in Canada now where they have freedom, something they didn’t have in their own country. They come here then they should respect us and respect our laws and our rights. If we were to go to their country we wouldn’t have the freedom they have here. We are no longer to say the Lord’s prayer in our schools, the cross has been removed etc. I would like for Tammy to answer this question because she seems to know a lot about the comparison of the Bible and the Quran so she may know this answer.

  2. Tammy here is the answer:Even by Religion of Peace standards it was an
    unusually bloody weekend, with nearly 300 people
    massacred by Holy Warriors in suicide attacks in Yemen,
    a funeral in Iraq, the shopping mall in Kenya and a
    brutal double bombing at a church in Pakistan.

  3. Dearest Tammy in response to your silly comments about how unfair BNI is being towards muslims…… Muslim women are cowards! The brave ones that try to get away from their handlers here in America end up dead! We hate islam we do not want it here! And here is a news flash for you… We are a proud and just Country and we will deal with this invasion the way AMERICA always has throughout history! Check out the dc biker 9-11 incident! We are all that patriotic! Islam will never take us alive and it will take more than islam to bring us down! So please take your poor pity me muslim crap on to where it belongs and please remember we do not NEED muslims here so there is no reason to believe that we will let you take over our country! OUR GOD gave muslims 25% of the earth to rule but AMERICA isn’t in that percent, you get it! If you can’t abide by our constitution we aren’t changing it to fit you so GET THE FUCK OUT!!!!!And one more thing. To counteract your education jehad i have started introducing my daughters to the real islam, islams rape and hatred of women and animals. The murders of christians and jews. So keep on showing yourselves to be the evil backasswards idiots that you are because our JESUS also has soldiers! We donot take litely what your religion has done to the innocent! NEVER SURRENDER NEVER FORGET!

    • True, whenever we appreciate any islamic essence, we basically ‘forgive and forget’, and it’s only our failure.

      We can do a lot, with these 2 hands, can’t we? Since Einstein had them too.

  4. Why aren’t you posting my comments? I’ve been so kind and fair .. Even agreed with some! Are you scared everyone here will see the truth?

  5. Don’t believe everything you hear or see on TV!!!! Pick up the Quran and read it!!! The same God that sent down the Torah and Bible is the same Gd that sent the Quran!!! All the prophets must be looking down on us in disappointment :(
    I agree EVERYONE should be checked by security … Don’t paint everyone itch the same brush… My families and friend s who are Muslims all follow the laws here in Canada. Remember there are bad apples in very race / religion!!!!!

    • Tammy, unfortunately your comment doesn’t address the fact that their could be another individual behind the burka. If the rule is allowed for one person or religion, another person whatever their religion, should be able to cover their face. But because this isn’t the case, this is where the problem lies.

    • True Islam follows the Koran. The majority of Muslims living in the USA are nominal Muslims (by name only) and adhere to parts of the Koran not all of it. A true Muslim will follow ALL of the Koran which results in violence, bloodthirsty evil acts and hatred. I have a list of horrifying verses from the Koran to support this if anyone is interested. The Koran also supports Jizya Tax which in the end when Islam believes it will take over the world the Quran says that infidels will be forced to convert to Islam or pay a protection tax – if they can’t afford tax then they will be killed. “Qur’an:9:29″Fight those who do not believe until they all surrender, paying the protective tax in submission. Why don’t the American Muslims show more violence and why do they insist they are a religion of peace ?- because they do not FULLY follow the Koran. KNOW ISLAM – NO PEACE.

  6. While this article does have valid points it is hard to take them seriously on a website that is clearly against ALL Muslim and Islamic people… Have Muslims committed terrorist attacks… absolutely… have they killed innocent people… definitely… but so have Americans and Canadians for that matter. To refuse to get on a plane because you think ALL Muslims are terrorists is ridiculous. I understand the anger of them not having to follow normal airline security procedures but also remember not everything you read and see is as it seems. they maybe have been taken somewhere private to check their identity so as to not disregard their religious beliefs and rights.

  7. But if I went to their country, without an escort and disrespected their laws and customs, I would be stoned to death. Why the double standard?

  8. All they have to do is play the race and religion card and they’ll get whatever they want, and the Canadian government will give it to them. It’s like once they cross into Canada, their sense of entitlement goes haywire. Your in Canada now, you left your country to have the right to show your face, not continue to hide it.

  9. I’m glad I live in Toronto and can easily go to Buffalo to board a plane! It is cheaper anyways! You all should do the same if you can, their security is much better.


  11. If they (the muslims) can take their birka’s off to take their passport photos, then they can take them off for airport security. THe beauty is they have a CHOICE!… a choice to embrace our (Canadian) culture… or the choice to GO HOME! easy as pie.

  12. Subscribed today after reading this post, and the comments. I do not believe in mistreating people, however, considering the history of terrorism and murder, allowing unidentified passengers aboard an aircraft is beyond stupid. Don’t be so open minded that your brain falls out !

  13. I dont understand. In the pictures, their face is shown on their passport/ID…. so if they have to show their face for the picture in a London drugs or passport photo place, why dont they have to show their face when it matters most at a security check point where peoples lives could be at stake? We go to their countries and have to abide by their laws… why can’t they abide by ours?? Its for the best interest of everybody, not because we are racist. I respect their choice to wear a veil, but at places like airports, its for the security of all who board that you must show your face. This is ridiculous!

  14. Question. If this religion is based on love and respect why do the women have to cover their faces. Oh yes you did say treat people equally did you not Tammy. And how does a person verify that yes this is the same person as the person in the passport. I would feel that the security of the plane is at risk here. As well as all the other passengers.

    • Carol Ann- that’s their choice. I don’t wear one!!!! No where in the Quran does it say to…. And I agree with you.. They MUST be checked at airports … Everyone should be checked!!!!!

  15. I took passport photos for 1 yr. at a Canadian WalMart, if you look at the photos they had to remove their Burkas, no smiling, no shirts with logos, mouth closed, hair out of eyes, etc. All this just to acquire a passport, so if many of these women are getting their passport photos done according to Passport Canada rules, then they should not be allowed to go through their finale check point wearing their Burkas . Allow them to put on after they go through the finale security check point.

  16. That is ridiculous. The rules should apply to everyone. I dont care if they are muslim or not. They are not special in anyway. Muslims should go back to their country and stay there.

  17. when you are in canada i don’t understand how they can get away with this if we went to there country we would have to do like they do……yet everyone comes here all of a sudden everything changes for them they are aloud to do that and we are not 100 percent positive there is a women under there cause if you look at the hands a few look like men’s hands………….we no longer say the lords prayer..words are changed in oh canada…they try and change words in christmas songs that have been around for hundreds of years nursery ryme’s get changed crosses on the side of a road get taken down ….Why because it offends people and are goverment allows this.. this is garbage to me they come to are don’t like are songs are anthem the lords prayer then stay out …there is no way if we went to there country they would change a dame thing for us …so you tell me why they get to get away with it in are’s

  18. I would NOT fly on that plane if I saw that happen. I’d get a refund and a complimentary ticket to boot, because they broke the law!

    • Wow! It shocks me that you have so much hate for people you don’t even know! It’s like me saying, oh all white people are pedophiles and rapists because there are soooo many of them! Then I should start an online site called barenakedcaucasian and tell everyone what I hear about them on the Internet and TV!! Because it MUST be true if they put it on TV!!!! Doesn’t that sound wrong?!?!!! Anyway you don’t have to be rude because I wanted to help you see the truth. All the best to you :) I really hope God heals your soul.. You are too angry inside!!!

      • sorry but pedophiles and rapists dont put bombs in churches and restaurants killing hundreds of people? Plus now they can wear a burqa and nobody will recognize them.

        • Tired- I’m not even going to reply to that… Sounds like you are justifying pedophiles and rapists!!!!! Remember… . There is a war … Jews are also bombing mosques… Is sad what they are doing to each other!!! This is not the first time you hear these terrible things between any religion/culture!!!!

      • you have no clue what you re talking about. when we go to their country we are forced to abide by their customs. when they are here, they spit on our way of life. not only is it a security breach letting unidentified people on, its not even part of the religion. once again, i hope whatever god you pray to heals you for the pass aggressive nonsense you are displaying here.

      • It’s. a peaceful religion consisting of Sunnis and Shites who kill each other throw acid on women and kill women after rapeing them and try to marry children at age 9. Muslims are animals.

        • John, you don’t the the “real” Muslims that actually follow the religion are sick to our stomaches watching that? It’s NOT Islam… I promise!!!!!

  19. I do agree that everyone should be checked through security … A female agent can unveil in a room to confirm security if its for religious reasons… But really…!?!?!!!!! It’s unfortunate these people that hate Islam so much obviously don’t really know the religion. Yes there are a lot of corrupt Muslims that give us a bad name … It doesn’t mean it’s what our religion is all about!! There are corrupt people in every race every religion.. Don’t ever forget that!!!! Don’t count on the news and media for any truth about a religion, read on it yourself… You will be surprised!!!!

    • Tammy, most people here understand Islam rather well and can quote the hundreds of calls for violence and killings of unbelievers from your holy books. Corrupt Muslims don’t give Islam a bad name. Islam gives Islam a bad name. We understand the meaning of abrogation.

      • Well I can also recall hundreds even thousands of killings and unbelievers from every religion. Those people are NOT following their religion. Islam is really a peaceful religion and requires one to live life treating everyone equally with respect, full of love and honesty. FYI did you know the Torah and the bible and the Quran are all from the same GOD?! We believe in and love all prophets like Abraham, Moses, Jesus and Mohamad .. They are all messengers of GOD. Allah is just an Arabic name for GOD, just like Dieu is GOD in French. Please don’t believe everything you hear or see on Tv. I would love to answer any questions you may have on Islam so that you understand what it really represents.

        • “Islam is really a peaceful religion and requires one to live life treating everyone equally with respect, full of love and honesty.” — so is that why a 16 year old Islamic girl in my city was killed because she wanted to wear what the other kids were wearing? Yeah her father killed her because it’s apart of his “religion”. Don’t give me that it’s full of love and honesty because if it was? He would have understood and this girl would still be alive. I agree with everybody else. GET LOST & GO HOME OR FOLLOW OUUUUUR COUNTRIES RULES!

        • Sosickofthis- again that was her father not the religion. My neighbour who is a Christian beats on his daughters almost everyday because she disobeys him… Then goes to church on Sundays. So should I think that this is part of the Christian faith?! No! Because I know better!!! I would never paint everyone with the same brush!!! I’ve actually liked up the bible and read a lot of verses. The rules, laws, commandments are the same as The Quran’s!!!! It’s easy o misinterpret verses as a lot of people even scholars do.

      • I am a Canadian of irish heritage and I follow Islam. I just feel sorry for your close mindedness and intolerance.. I hope you get better soon

    • Thank you Tammy! I am shocked and horrified at the amount of hatred and ignorance posted here on this website. I cannot believe that so many people would voice an opinion so disgusting, without bothering to research what they are claiming… Shout out to multiculturalism!

  20. Simple really – if they aren’t prepared to to be treated the same as us (in every respect), then they should bog off back to where they came from. They’re not wanted here!

  21. wearing a burka or veil is not their religion, it was imposed upon them from their husbands as they have been told to do by al-qaeda and such sects, but nothing to do with muslim religion.
    if i see a muslim woman boarding a plane i was going on wearing a burka , i would strongly complain to the airline authorities and refuse to board the plane as i would feel unsafe to travel on that plane.

    • Brian makes a HUGELY important point. The burka is a CULTURAL CHOICE, it is NOT a religious custom.

      To me it’s very simple — Boarding a plane requires identifying yourself; if you feel that it offends your modesty to identify yourself, then you can travel by train, bus, car, boat, motorcycle, bicycle, skateboard, scooter, golf cart, rickshaw, roller skates, horseback, covered wagon, or on foot, but NOT on a PLANE.

      Flying isn’t a right, it’s a convenience, and you don’t get to inconvenience or endanger everyone else. If you get airsick and throw up on other people, you can’t fly. If you can’t fit down the aisle of the aircraft, you can’t fly. If you can’t refrain from smoking for the duration of a flight, you can’t fly. If you’re mentally or physically incapable of sitting quietly in a seat, you can’t fly. If you don’t want to identify yourself and pass a security inspection LIKE EVERYONE ELSE, you can’t fly. Period.

  22. The last time I traveled there were 3 men in full garb waiting to board they made me feel so uncomfortable I went on a later flight inconvienceing my family this what we as law abiding citizens are having to do to feel safe in our own country.

  23. It’s unbelievable. So every passanger should wear a ski mask. Same law for everybody. Who tells, that these are really women and not muslim hijackers. Thats rediculous referring to the safety of passangers. I would say they should be checked in a seperate room by female police officers, so they wont have an excuse for not taking off the veils or burquas. This has nothing to do with safety now. Bye bye planes. If I would see a woman with veils I would not enter the airplane because I will feel offended. .

  24. Everyone who is made to show there face to board should refuse to travel and seek compensation from the airline. Saying they feel unsafe. It maybe there religion however they should abide by our laws. The people boarding maybe perfectly fine but how does anyone know that. I would not board a flight if I new that had happened. It shouldn’t be one rule for one and one for another. Muslim people who emigrated to a different country should live by there rules. Everyone is so frightened of being called racist that the powers that be let other religions walk all over us. I know that wouldn’t happen in there country. I’m discussed.

  25. I have not flown for several years due to forced searches on my body and in my purse or carry on. I do own a burqa – souvenir from a trip decades back. That will be my new flying outfit! I’m sick and tired of undressing and having my hands forcibly pushed away from my purse and my boarding pass by TSA morons.

    • The veil deliberately marks women as private and restricted property, none persons. The veil sets women apart from men and apart from the world; it restrains them, confines them, grooms them for docility. A mind can be cramped just as a body may be, and a Muslim veil blinkers both your vision and your destiny. It is the mark of a kind of apartheid, not the domination of a race but of a sex.

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