No surprise, George Soros-funded J STREET 'Judenrats' support the Ground Zero Terror Mosque

Hitler’s American wing of Islamic terrorist-supporting self-hating Jews are backing the symbol of Islamic supremicism and victory in America.

It’s Jews like the members of  J Street who helped Hitler send the Jewish populations of Europe to their deaths.

Following protests against the planned construction of a mosque close to the site of the former World Trade Center in New York, Washington-based left-wing group J Street  launched a petition Monday in support of the project.

A statement on the organization’s website said: ” Appalled by the opposition to plans by American Muslims to build a community center in lower Manhattan modeled after Jewish Community Centers (JCC’s) and Y’s all over the country, J Street is collecting petitions in support of religious freedom and against anti-Muslim bigotry.”

The statement continued: “In the battle against violent extremism, core democratic values like respect for minorities and freedom of religion can be potent weapons in ensuring security and advancing tolerance and understanding. Now is the time to stand in support of those core values.”

J Street was founded in 2008 as a (false flag) “pro-Israel, pro-peace” organization seeking to unite and strengthen the left-wing American Jewish camp. It has grown to 43 staff members and an annual budget estimated at over $5 million. It has faced criticism in the broader American Jewish community for views seen by some as being overly critical of Israel, but it has asserted that its criticism of Israeli policies stems from its concern for Israel’s long-term welfare. (What they really mean is Israel’s long-term destruction) JERUSALEM POST H/T Barbara

Thanks to SULTAN KNISH for  J Street photos


J Street Judenrat billionaire, George Soros, was a Nazi Collaborator

George Soros’ obsession with making Judea and Samaria Judenrein (Jew-free) has its roots in his experience as a Nazi collaborator in Hungary. This is not a baseless accusation, but is admitted to by Soros himself, as seen in the following excerpt from Front Page Magazine.

While it might be understandable that Soros did what was necessary to survive, it is not understandable that he shows no remorse for his actions. Worse, he and his present-day J Street collaborators intend to redefine Jewish identity, removing the central importance of Eretz HaQodesh and reducing Judaism to nothing but another culture with no more value than any other culture.

[NB: Soros, like Obama, Rahm Emmanuel, Rev. Jerimiah Wright, Louis Farrakhan, David Duke, and Shimon Peres thinks that Israel is a regime that needs to be opposed rather than accepted.] LINK