These are the people who will vote to spit in the faces of all 9/11 victims' families and New Yorkers who oppose putting a terrorist-financed mosque at Ground Zero

NYC Landmark Preservation Committee expected to OK the terror mosque construction near Ground Zero.

The Mosque planned for Ground Zero is expected to pass a major hurdle Tuesday.

Board members at the Landmarks Preservation Commission intend to vote unanimously against granting protected status to the 152-year-old building that would be knocked down to make way for the project, the Daily News has learned.

“The building is not worthy,” a source said. “It does not rise to the level of an individual landmark.” (The fact that part of one of the planes on 9/11 struck the building is of no concern apparently)

Opponents of the proposed Islamic community center, formerly known as the Cordoba House but now called Park51, see getting landmark protection as a final chance to stop construction.


Opposition to the 13-story center, which backers say will promote interfaith understanding, has become a national issue (because the goal is to erect a symbol of Islamic triumph on 9/11)

Tea Party groups held rallies calling the project an insult to the families of those who died on 9/11; some opponents even claimed it would be used to recruit Islamic extremists. Some said it should be landmarked because it was hit by debris on 9/11.

A hearing last month turned into a shouting match and many accused the commissioners of caving to political pressure to support the mosque, which would be run by a( terror-linked imam who is a proponent of shari’a law in America). AL-QAEDA LINKED IMAM

“The fix is in,” said Sally Regenhard, an activist for 9/11 victims’ families. “It’s not in vogue for people to step out and say something against this mosque.”

The vote takes place tomorrow at 9:30 a.m. at Pace University. NY DAILY NEWS

OOPS! Seems as if I had the wrong people. It is not the Landmarks Committee* that approved this but the Landmarks Commission. If I can find the names and information about these people I will post them but so far there’s only an email address for the Chairman.

*For the record, Daniel J. Halloran who was listed on the Landmarks Committee list yesterday is the only person who opposed construction of the mosque.

For now here is a list of names of the Members of  Landmarks Preservation Commission, ALL of whom voted ‘NO’ to landmark status.

The Landmarks Preservation Commission is composed of 11 Commissioners, and by law must include a minimum of three architects, a historian, a city planner or landscape architect, a realtor and at least one resident of each of the five boroughs.

The Commissioners are appointed by the Mayor, who also designates the Chair and Vice Chair. (Now we know why this proposal didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Hell)

(Notice how there is an HONORABLE by each name. What a joke)

Hon. Robert B. Tierney, Chair
Hon. Pablo E. Vengoechea, Vice Chair
Hon. Frederick Bland
Hon. Stephen Byrns
Hon. Diana Chapin
Hon. Joan Gerner
Hon. Roberta Brandes Gratz
Hon. Christopher Moore
Hon. Margery Perlmutter

Hon. Elizabeth Ryan
Hon. Roberta Washington

This is Robert Tierney, Chairman

Email Tierney here: Robert Tierney