Since when is calling a Muslim "MO-HAM-HEAD" in an e-mail worthy of network news coverage?

MICHIGANISTAN: Terrorist Front Group CAIR is outraged over an anonymous e-mail being circulated that mocks the Islamic name of a Muslim candidate running for the State senate.

(Get over it. It isn’t that your skin is too dark, it’s too thin!)

Chairman of the Detroit Board of Police Commissioners Mohamed Okdie received an e-mail caricaturing him as a the joker (as Obama was) and referring to him as “Mohamhead,” an obvious reference to the Islamic prohibition on the consumption of pork products. Okdie stated, “It was an attack, as I see it, on my heritage, on Islam, and it was reminiscent of the attacks that were made on President Obama when he ran for president.”

“Such bigoted e-mails circulated prior to the primary election seek to delegitimize Muslim candidates while making a mockery of the most common name used by Muslims,” said CAIR-MI Executive Director Dawud Walid. “We call on Michigan candidates and activists of all parties to stick to the issues and not invoke ethnicity and religion to score cheap political points.” CAIR