So, was the angry gunman GOING MUSLIM in Connecticut?

One report says the man who shot and killed 8 fellow workers and himself in a beer distribution plant was named Omar Thornton aka Thornton Omar Sharriff. Another case of Sudden Jihad Syndrome as in the Fort Hood massacre?

Of course the name Omar Sharriff could belong to an Arab Christian I suppose, but this guy doesn’t look like an Arab. He’s probably a convert to Islam who took the name Omar Sharriff when he converted. Just a guess.

NEWSVINE Thornton Omar Sharriff Kills 9 in Connecticut

MANCHESTER, Conn. – Nine people are dead in a workplace shooting at a family-owned beer and wine wholesaler, police said.Sources said Omar S. Thornton, 34, was a driver for Hartford Distributors and was described by a Teamsters Union official as a recent hire and a “disciplinary problem.” “The union was bringing him in to meet with the company to remedy the problem,” said John Hollis, a Teamsters official. “He started shooting.”

“Omar was cold as ice during the shooting, showing no emotion at all.” He didn’t snap, as the liberal media claim,  he sneaked the gun into work in his lunchbox.

Anybody hear him say, “Allahu Akbar?”