MUSLIM COLLEGE whose founder encouraged hijacking of the 82nd Airborne, to open soon in Berkeley, CA

Just what this country needs, even more pro-Shari’a Muslims. In this latest Islamization of America move, Zaytuna College in BERKELY, CA (where else?) is offering only two majors: Arabic language and Islamic (Shari’a) Law and Theology.

VOA NEWS Zaytuna College is a new four-year college in Berkeley, California. Zaytuna is seeking to become the first accredited Muslim college in the United States.

Imam Zaid Shakir is a professor and co-founder of Zaytuna. He was born in Berkeley. There are millions of American Muslims. But the imam says most of the teachers of Islam in America received their training in other countries. He says,

ISLAM HAS NEVER BEEN ROOTED in a particular land until that land began producing its own religious scholars. There are several million Muslims in the United States and rapidly growing Muslim populations in Canada, Great Britain, and Western Europe. Yet, there are no accredited academic institutions capable of training students in the varied sciences of Islam. Clearly, there is an essential need for Muslim institutions that can wed Islam’s classical texts with the contemporary context.”

We believe Zaytuna College has an important contribution to make in the indigenization of Islam in the West. An indigenized Islam is of particular significance at this time when there is so much suspicion directed toward Muslims as illegitimate “outsiders,” while at the same time a demonstrated desire on the part of many in the West, especially in America, to create a more open, multicultural, and tolerant society.

God willing, a Zaytuna College education will prepare students for a meaningful life as compassionate, productive, and educated citizens of the global community who understand Islam as a living, viable, and relevant faith, and who represent that faith with dignity, wisdom, and honor.

Creeping Sharia Zaytuna held its first classes this summer — intensive study of Arabic to prepare for classes in the fall. Men and women sat on opposite sides of the auditorium. Most of the men had beards and wore skull caps. Most of the women covered their hair with scarves.

Zaid Shakir wants Islam rooted in the land (the U.S.) like it has been rooted in other countries that Islam has conquered. Since every country where Islam is now dominant has been conquered by Islamic jihad. Shakir is a proponent of jihad, as WND noted, Zaid Shakir Exhorts Islamic faithful to target planes carrying ’82nd Airborne’:

Radical Islamic cleric Zaid Shakir, a frequent guest speaker at CAIR events, tells his Muslim audiences: “Jihad is physically fighting the enemies of Islam to protect and advance the religion of Islam. This is jihad.”

Acceptable targets of jihad, he says, include U.S. military aircraft.

“Islam doesn’t permit us to hijack airplanes filled with civilian people,” Shakir once told a Muslim audience. However, If you hijack an airplane filled with the 82nd Airborne, that’s something else.”

The 82nd Airborne Division’s elite paratroopers fly out of Fort Bragg, N.C., which is part of North Carolina state Sen. Larry Shaw’s district. Shaw is CAIR’s new chairman.

“For ten years, Zaytuna has played a key role in helping the Muslim American community rediscover much of the beauty and wisdom of traditional Islam. We look forward to the growth and expansion of Zaytuna’s services so it can further explore and implement, in partnership with other Muslims, the best of this classical heritage in a complex, pluralistic society.” —Dr. Ingrid Mattson President, MUSLIM BROTHERHOOD-linked Islamic Society of North America