MUSLIM PIG who honor-killed his two daughters secretly videotaped them for years

On New Year’s Day 2008, two Texas teenagers Amina and Sarah Said were shot dead, their bloodied bodies left in a taxi cab. The shooter: their father Yaser Said, identified by Sarah in her dying 911 call. Said is still at large, probably back in the Middle East.

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FOX NEWS For two years, Fox News has been investigating the short


lives and violent deaths of Texas teenagers Amina and Sarah Said. The sisters were riddled with bullets in their dad’s borrowed taxi cab on New Year’s Day 2008. As 911 operators listened in, Sarah appeared to name her father as the killer — her dying words: “Help! Help! My dad shot me… and now I’m dying!”

We learned this dark tale began long before the girls were born. Their mother Patricia married the Egyptian-born Said when she was only 15 years old. She says her husband violently abused her during their 20-year marriage.

Over the course of our investigation, Fox News’ Gregg Jarrett and I made multiple trips to Texas, taping hours of interviews with investigators, relatives and family friends. We also obtained never-before-broadcast video of the girls that was secretly shot by their father. In light of what happened to Amina and Sarah, it’s extremely disturbing footage.

If Yaser Said killed his daughters, what was his motive? His American wife Tissy claims he did so because their girls were dating boys that weren’t Muslim.

While friends and family call the murders honor killings, it’s a label the FBI and local police have been hesitant to use. In fact, 8 months after the deaths of Amina and Sarah the FBI added the words “honor killing” to their wanted poster but days later, removed them.