UK MUSLIM GANGS force thousands of middle-class white girls into the sex trade

At 13, Emma still played with dolls and loved nothing more than walking with her pet spaniel, Yet by her 14th birthday, that innocent childhood was over. Emma had been raped and sexually abused in the most grotesque manner by 54 MUSLIM men in Britain.

It feels as if one minute I was playing with dolls, the next I was a sex slave.’ ‘I was wearing my favourite candy-striped ankle socks when I was first raped. Afterwards, my white coat was covered in blood.’

Stolen childhood: 'Emma' in 2001, just 18 months before she was groomed into becoming a sex slave

Emma remembers every detail. Two of those ‘friends’ in the shopping mall were teenage boys, Niv and Jay, who were being used by a criminal gang to lure naive local girls into an underage sex ring. They introduced Emma to older relatives, in their 20s and 30s, who said they wanted to be her friends, too. They plied her with vodka, cigarettes and cannabis spliffs.

‘I thought I was having a great time. I had no idea the men were part of a gang,’ she says now. With rap music blaring, the men drove her around Leeds in a expensive cars, including a Bentley with personalised number plates. They bought her cheeseburgers at McDonald’s and gave her a new mobile phone.

One, 24-year-old, Tarik, took a particular interest in her. He was the gang’s ring leader – and one day he imposed his authority on her in the most brutal fashion. He led Emma to a patch of wasteland near the bus station and raped her.

The whole episode was watched by a group from the gang who, laughing, recorded the attack on their mobile phone cameras. Afterwards, Emma was left to pick herself up, try to wash the blood off her clothes in the nearby public lavatory, and catch the early evening bus home.

Almost equally wicked were the threats that went with the rape. Emma, who is now 21 and virtually living in hiding in the North of England, recalls: ‘It was like joining a cult.

‘They threatened to firebomb my home with my parents inside if I told anyone what they’d done, shoot me with a pistol, rape my mother and kill my older brother if I told anyone.

‘In my child’s mind, I wanted to believe Tarik had feelings for me. But he was just a pimp, and soon he was making money out of me by selling me to other men — I don’t know how much for.’ ‘He would give me presents, vodka and cigarettes. But soon I was paying him back by having to do what I had to do with man after man, in empty flats, in parks and down alleyways.’

If Emma’s story were a one-off it would be distressing enough, but the reality is that it is not. Many schoolgirls – some aged just eight – all over the north of England are falling prey to gangs who groom them to be lucrative sex slaves.

Emma says: ‘Most of the men running the sex slave gangs in the north of England are MUSLIMS of Pakistani origin. But very few of the authorities will admit this.’ Is she right to say so? If she is, why are so few people in officialdom willing to discuss the issue?The mothers say that political correctness and a fear of being branded racist is at the heart of the taboo.

One mother from Yorkshire, whose 13-year-old girl was lured into sex slavery, told me: ‘Almost every man found guilty of grooming under-age girls in this part of Britain is MUSLIM, and everyone knows that.

Scotland Yard estimates that 5,000 British-born children are today under the control of sex-slave gangs across the UK. At least ten towns on both sides of the Pennines face the problem.UK Daily Mail H/T Scottish Infidel





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  1. i tell you now it is very easy to sort this out, you just have a law that say, any pimps found, will be taken out & shot & the same for rapes & drug pushers, i am ok with girls selling sex, BUT, they must be 18 or over, & they want to do it, + they should pay tax, like every working person, & also these Muslims who take to the streets, shouting things like Muslims is the only god & burn our popeys like they have don, should be sent back to their own country, & more on this & other things, on a web site i am making, more in formation at facebook, colin mann, update this coming sunday, & i have found ways to beat the backs, which they know about my site & i know they do not like it, up dates will be on about 11 am this coming sunday, Yours going to love it.

  2. @Staal,

    The Left are NIMBY’s. They can support the disaster because they do not have to live with it.

    My very liberal London neighbors changed their tune very very quickly when we had the misfortune of having a Muslim business try and dominate the neighborhood. One of the many problems was the growing aggressive sexual harassment that we were experiencing that culminated in one of our neighbour’s 14 year old daughter being chased home when she was out by two grown men from the establishment.

    It becomes a totally different attitude when it is on their doorstep.

  3. Isn’t multiculturism great? This is what the left wing, anti-white liberals have caused. They are so obsessed with displacing so called “racist” white people in their own countries that they have turned a blind eye to all the horror that will come with it. People predicted this sort of thing happening, but they were naturally called racists.

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    I Fanatically HATE i SLAM and all MUSLOIDS who are brain washed and committed themselves to the SUICIDE of REASON .
    i HATE i SLAM, and i do not trust a single musloid

  5. I need to Scope my Rifle , PLEEEEEASE let these musloids loose . An Eye For An Eye
    These muSLIMES have caused Irriparable damage to these young girls . If it were my Daughter , i would “HUNT ” i would make it “MY MISSION” to eliminate these nine MUSLOIDS

  6. Just give me the chance , i pray that they come on my property . I will introduce them to their virgin GOATS waiting for them in HELL

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