MUSLIM TERRORISTS say, "Even the twin towers can't touch it. This would destroy the whole US economy"

JFK ISLAMIC TERROR PLOT was one of the most chilling plots imaginable.

Atlas Shrugs Muslims Russell Defreitas, 67, a/k/a “Mohammed,” and Abdul Kadir, 58, a/k/a Aubrey Michael Seaforth, were convicted Friday in federal court in New York City of conspiring to attack John F. Kennedy International Airport in Queens, New York, by exploding fuel tanks and the fuel pipeline under the airport. Kadir, a former member of the Guyanese parliament, was an engineer and had connections with militant groups in Iran and Venezuela. During cross-examination at trial, Kadir admitted that he regularly passed information to Iranian authorities and believed himself bound to follow fatwas from Iranian religious leaders.

Law enforcement has described it as “one of the most chilling plots imaginable.” “These fundamentalist Muslims plotted to blow up a jet fuel line so as to set off a series of massive explosions. The fuel line feeds John F. Kennedy International Airport and runs through residential neighborhoods, officials close to the investigation said.”

“The official said the plotters had conducted surveillance on giant jet fuel tanks at JFK and the pipeline. They had taken surveillance video of the targets and took it to Trinidad to review the tape.” Their terror mosque was in Trinidad here.

“Anytime you hit Kennedy, it is the most hurtful thing to the United States. … This whole country will be in mourning. It’s like you can kill the man twice,” the transcript quotes one suspect as saying. would be caused is just unthinkable.”

In all, four individuals, including the former Guyana parliament member, Abdul Kadir, and RussellDefreitas, a U.S. citizen and native of Guyana who worked as an airport cargo worker, have been charged with conspiring to attack JFK.Also in custody are Kareem Ibrahim, a citizen of Trinidad held in Trinidad, and Abdel Nur, a citizen of Guyana. The United States is planning to seek their extradition.

Roslynn Mauskopf, US attorney for the Eastern District of New York: “The most chilling plot imaginable.” The damage and carnage impossible to fathom. The devastation that  would be caused is just unthinkable.”

” Huge concern about the fuel line. The feeding tube that feeds international commerce, airport, residences.” “The Buckeye Pipeline (orginates from Allentown Pa.), a 40 million fuel line, runs from New Jersey to Nassau (JFK) ……” It is the central fuel line.

“This plot similar and different to ones in the past (the Lincoln tunnel planned blow up, the ’93 stock exchange plot, the Financial District plot) . It is different as it is tied to the Caribbean. Similiar in that it is a self radicalized New Yorker plotting to betray his country with a catastrophic event.”

“Look at the world through the eyes, through the prism of September 11th.”

One of the convicted  was quoted as saying:  “the attacks would result in the destruction of the whole of JFK and destroy whole parts of Queens. Few people would survive.”

“Even the twin towers can’t touch it. This would destroy the whole US economy”